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MEET the doctor who is making Scots' dreams of designing the perfect baby come true.

Dr Jeffrey Steinberg reveals five couples from Scotland have travelled to his US clinics in the past year to have a £13,000 procedure which allows them to choose the sex of their child.

Sex selection in countries such as Scotland is banned unless there's a medical reason, which provides Dr Steinberg's clinics in New York and Los Angeles with brisk business from abroad.

Now couples who suffer from gender disappointment are taking out loans and even remortgaging their homes to use in-vitro fertilisation to balance their families and get the girl or boy of their dreams.

And Dr Steinberg, who is a pioneer of the screening process - preimplantation genetic diagnosis - claims this is just the start of it.

He's sparked controversy by saying that couples will soon be able to choose everything about their baby, including the colour of their eyes and hair. Dr Steinberg said: "We don't look at designer babies the same way as designer outfits.

"We're not playing God. What...