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Spain performs more than half of all egg donation treatments across Europe. The country is the largest provider of donor eggs across the continent. And every year, thousands of international fertility patients travel to Spain to access treatments.

Spain is a popular choice for private fertility treatments because any woman or man regardless of their civil status, sexual orientation or age can access them. Indeed, many come to Spain because of restrictions and bans in their home countries, particularly related to egg donation. Spain also tends to have very short waiting lists.

At the same time, egg banks in Spain have proliferated in recent yearsshipping donor eggs around the world, as part of this multi-million-pound industry. 

Close to 15,000 women undergo egg extraction cycles every year in Spain. Many are financially motivated – donors in Spain receive one of the highest rates of financial compensation across Europe (around €1,100 (£945) for a successful cycle).

While research has previously shown that some women claim to give their eggs for altruistic reasons (often alongside financial motivation), very...