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What would happen if you could order your baby online, the way you might order and customize a pizza? Six foot five, with bronze hair an IQ of 150? Done.

According to NYC Member Jamie Metzl, this bizarre thought experiment is much closer to becoming a reality than you might think. An expert in international affairs and the policy of human genetic enhancement, Jamie has spent the last eight years exploring the staggering opportunities and dangers associated with genetic modification. His articles and new book beg the question: what will happen if the world approaches a genetic arms race?

Jamie himself is one of those people you might assume is genetically modified: his laundry list of credentials includes completing twenty-eight marathons, nine ultramarathons, and twelve ironman triathlons, writing three books, running for Congress, topping off a Harvard Law Degree with a PhD in East Asian History, and receiving the White House Fellowship.

Take a look at Jamie’s top insights into the technology he predicts will change our world.

The revolution has already begun, but the general public hasn’t realized what’s...