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For a list of organizations opposing AB922, including reproductive justice, women’s health, LGBTQ rights, and other public interest organizations, see this fact sheet

Medical researchers would be allowed to buy women’s eggs under a bill being considered by the Legislature this week. As pro-choice, feminist scholars, we are deeply troubled by this legislation.

Proponents of AB922, backed by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and authored by Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, D-Marina Del Rey (Los Angeles County), point out that human eggs, sperm and embryos are in demand for research on fertility, stem cells, cloning and gene editing. They claim the only way to meet the growing demand is to increase supply by paying women for their eggs. California law allows such compensation for fertility purposes, but women donating eggs for research may be reimbursed only for their expenses.

The arguments for the legislation ignore the repercussions for prospective donors. While the bill claims, “Concerns that women will be exploited if compensated for providing human oocytes for research have not borne out” in other states, we can find no support for this...