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Sign says, "Arizona: The Grand Canyon State welcomes you"

Talk about a terrible effort at legislation. The latest embryo disposition bill out of the Grand Canyon State, SB 1392, would make couples really think twice about undergoing in vitro fertilization together. The bill proposes that in the case of a divorce, if a couple has leftover cryopreserved gametes, the person who wants to use the embryos for reproductive purposes will be awarded the embryos. And if both spouses want to use the embryos, the court will have to decide which spouse would be able to use the embryos “in a manner that provides the best chance for the in vitro human embryos to develop to birth.” Wait, what?!

A Sympathetic Case Should Not Ruin IVF For Everyone.

Recently, Arizona legislators heard testimony from Ruby Torres, a woman who experienced a sympathetic and familiar situation for many women. Torres focused on her career before starting a family, attending law school to become an attorney. That’s a familiar story for many of us lawyer moms. But after graduating law school and landing a job at a firm, Torres was tragically diagnosed with breast cancer. Before beginning cancer treatment, Torres underwent egg retrieval and in vitro fertilization (IVF) with her then fiancé, John...