Equity, Sovereignty, and Racial Justice: Beyond Access in Debates on Human Genome Editing

Published September 21, 2022

How should we talk about equity in the context of human genome editing? While sky-high costs and lack of access to potential somatic gene therapies are important to address, we also need to ask critical questions about health equity, sovereignty, and racial justice––particularly in relation to heritable genome editing, which would alter the genes and traits of future generations. This roundtable discussion with Indigenous geneticist-bioethicist Krystal Tsosie, reproductive justice scholar and advocate Dorothy Roberts, and educator and activist Milton Reynolds addresses the legacies of eugenics, honoring Indigenous sovereignty, decolonizing DNA, and why conversations about heritable genome editing urgently need voices and perspectives grounded in social justice and human rights. This discussion was hosted by Center for Genetics and Society and moderated by CGS associate director Katie Hasson.

Access a full transcript and learn more about the event and speakers at https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/in....