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Image of forest

Photo by Milk-Tea on Unsplash

America’s white nationalists are once again embracing the great outdoors. 

At first glance, it may seem out of character: Wholesome activities like hiking, foraging for berries, and camping seemingly stand in sharp contrast to lifestyles of the basement-dwelling, far-right livestreamers. 

On one recent weekend, a number of young far-right extremists went camping in upstate New York. This “retreat” was the latest in a national event series that aims to foster real-world relationships within the very online, youth-oriented Christian nationalist movement—and with the land they vow to defend against anything they deem un-American and un-Christian, be it immigration, critical race theory, or transgender rights. 

“We believe that Americanism has strayed far from its roots; primarily in connections to the land itself,” the event’s organizers write on their website. They promise to bring “America-first values to youth nationwide through an outdoor experience.”

While this may be a relatively new phenomenon within the modern far-right, white supremacy has deep roots in the U.S. wilderness and recreation movement, which long excluded people of color from its national... see more