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The USDA has opened up a second public comment period to seek input for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) they plan to prepare on whether or not to approve the GE American chestnut.

We need to respond in force. The pro-GE tree side is mobilizing their base to submit comments promoting GE trees. We must remind the USDA that people across the world oppose GE trees and will not allow them to be planted in our forests.  

As we have carefully documented, the timber and biotechnology industries selected the GE American chestnut as a Trojan Horse designed to pave the way for industrial plantations of GE trees and other GMOs that industry wants to release into the environment. 

Please submit a comment before the September 7 deadline telling the USDA they must REJECT this risky and unpredictable GE tree. Simply go to:

Below is a sample comment. Please use or change as you wish.

The USDA must reject the application by researchers that would allow them to plant the Darling 58, a genetically engineered (GE) facsimile of the... see more