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Singaporeans head to Malaysia for designer babies

THEY badly wanted to have a child. But there was a chance their offspring might have Down Syndrome and they did not want to run that risk.

Another couple wanted to be sure they would have a daughter and not a son. The wife was a haemophilia-gene carrier and haemophilia is a life-long bleeding disorder that only afflicts males.

These two Singaporean couples consulted local fertility doctors about managing the conception of their child, but designer babies are not allowed in Singapore. So, they, and some other Singapore couples in similar circumstances, have gone across the Causeway.

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In December, Malaysia's first designer baby is due to be born. Several others are likely to follow as the Malaysian fertility clinic that early this year launched its designer baby programme has successfully implanted about 20 embryos screened for genetic diseases.

Ten Singaporean couples have consulted the doctors at the Damansara Fertility Clinic, which has branches in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Kepong, though none has signed up for the pre-implantation genetic...