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Three sets of scientists claim to be actively involved in efforts to clone a human being:

Severino Antinori

Antinori is an Italian fertility researcher who became known in the early 1990s for his controversial work in helping post-menopausal women have children. In early 2001, he announced his intention to begin active efforts intended to lead to the birth of a clonal child. In 2002 and 2003, he made several inconsistent claims that clonal pregnancies were underway. In May 2004, he said that at least three babies had been born, but that he had acted only as an "advisor" at the cloning. Although his medical and research credentials make his claims to be engaged in a serious cloning effort at least somewhat plausible, there is currently no evidence to support his announcements.

Panos Zavos -,

Zavos and Antinori were partners in an effort to create a cloned child until May 2002, when Zavos disassociated himself from Antinori's work and claims. In May 2002, Zavos indicated that he had assembled a 9-person team of scientists, located at two sites...