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DNA testing

Yuliana Ramírez learned she was pregnant in December 2016, about a month after splitting up from her boyfriend, Luis Diego Jiménez. She had no doubt Jiménez was the father, and as a dental technician in the Costa Rican capital of San José, Ramírez felt she would need financial support from him to help raise the child.

But Jiménez, the publisher of a sports magazine, demanded proof that he was the father before agreeing to pay child support. So in April 2017 the pair decided to get a paternity test, selecting a lab at the Hospital Clínica Bíblica, the largest private hospital in Costa Rica. It offered a test that could be run on a sample of Ramírez’s blood.

When the results came back more than two weeks later, the testing report said that Jiménez was “excluded as the biological father of the fetus.”

Ramírez had been depressed even before the test result. But after she got the report, she was “devastated, totally confused,” Ramírez told BuzzFeed News, in an interview conducted in Spanish in May of this year. “I... see more