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Project Prevention RV
Cash for birth control may sound unusual, but it's one woman's crusade to stop drug addicts and alcoholics from giving birth.

Barbara Harris started "Project Prevention" after watching her four adopted children struggle with drug addiction at birth. Now teens, they're helping spread her message across the United States.

Parked under a downtown Knoxville overpass Wednesday night sat a 30-foot RV with bold pictures on the outside of it.

The same people who drove it here passed out flyers and talked to anyone who would listen.

"My heart is for the children. These women have a choice, but children don't," Harris explains.

The organization pays women who are drug addicts or alcoholics a one time amount of $300 to get permanent birth control.

If they choose to get long-term birth control, $300 is paid out each year they use it.

Men can also get involved and get a one time amount of $300 for having a vasectomy.

Documented proof of a drug addiction or alcohol problem is mandatory to qualify.

"We send them a form to decide what type of...