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Disclaimer:  I attended and presented at this meeting, as discussed in the column. The views expressed are mine alone.

Sperm and egg banks have helped countless families obtain that missing piece to conceive a child. But fertility treatment practices have faced growing criticism, especially from those most affected:  donor-conceived persons. Many are now fierce advocates for the rights of those conceived using donor eggs, sperm, or embryos. On October 20 and 21, 2022, a first-of-its-kind meeting was held in Los Angeles, California, to bring together stakeholders to address the rising call for regulation of fertility practices.

Changing Times

In May 2022, Colorado was the first state to pass wide-ranging legislation aimed at protecting donor-conceived persons. The Donor-Conceived Persons and Families of Donor-Conceived Persons Protection Act becomes fully effective on January 1, 2025, and requires all gamete (egg and sperm) banks, fertility clinics, and gamete-matching agencies practicing in Colorado, or working with Colorado residents, to be licensed by Colorado, and to abide by a strict set of regulations. Among those regulations are the requirements that:

  • all recipients and donors receive...
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