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Remembering Ethan Saylor
I’m just home from the annual National Down Syndrome Congress convention, and even given the fact that Down syndrome lands in the news with regularity, there were two big pieces of news during the week I was there. The first was a report that researchers have found a way – in a dish, at least – to “silence” the extra chromosome associated with Down syndrome, which “could help researchers to identify the cellular pathways behind the disorder's symptoms, and to design targeted treatments.”

The second was the release of a full report of the facts surrounding the death in January of Ethan Saylor, the twenty-six-year-old man with Down syndrome who – on refusing to leave a movie theater for a second showing of Zero Dark Thirty – was dragged from the theater by three off-duty sheriff’s deputies moonlighting as mall security, handcuffed, and held face down. He died of asphyxia. Before he died, he was crying in panic for his mother, who was en route to the theater. His death was ruled a homicide by the coroner, but a...