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NEW service touted as Singapore's first DNA test to predict kids' talents is barely three months old, but it has already raised some eyebrows.

Called Kids Innate Talent Genetic Discovery, it was brought in by local health-marketing services firm DNA Dynasty, whose contracted laboratory is Shanghai Biochip in Pudong, China.

It also offers the DNA Diseases Susceptibility Test, which it claims can identify up to 100 diseases that one could potentially inherit genetically.

The firm will be officially launched only on Nov 15, but 90 people have already been tested, among whom 20 took the Genetic Discovery Test, said chief executive officer Johnner Tan.

Located at New Bridge Road, DNA Dynasty joins firms in countries such as Iceland, Britain and the United States in offering genetic testing.

Dr Y.M Wong, who runs an anti-ageing management practice at Paragon Medical Centre, is a doctor who recommends his patients to DNA Dynasty to complement his treatment. "My patients are put on a stricter programme for disease-prevention if they are discovered to be susceptible to a certain gene," he said.

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