Noteworthy Victory Against Genetic Discrimination Goes Unnoticed

Posted by Emily Beitiks September 8, 2011
Biopolitical Times
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On Tuesday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senator Alex Padilla's bill SB 559, the California Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (CalGINA) into law.  The bill extends federal protection to housing, education, public accommodations, life insurance coverage, mortgage lending, and elections, as previously covered on Biopolitical Times.

Aside from a press release from the California Newswire and a statement commending Brown's signing of the bill from the Center for Responsible Genetics (CRG), this story has been completely neglected by the press.

As CRG Executive Director Jeremy Gruber notes, "This new law is a crucial step in assuring the public that undergoing genetic testing will not endanger their economic security and places California once again in its role as a leader in addressing the social and ethical implications of  biotechnology."

Yet, the public has not yet been made aware of the bill's passage. It's an important victory, even if a quiet one. 

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