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As she plays in the San Francisco surf, Lou Hawthorne’s mongrel dog Mira looks just likes any other.

Part Husky, part Border Collie with a hint of Rottweiler, the seven-year-old will never win Crufts. Yet Mira is unique.

She is the world’s first cloned pet dog – created at a cost of more than £12million.

Lou, 53, is the forefather of cloning yet, after two decades and 20 other genetically engineered pooches, he has turned his back on the industry, sickened over the suffering it causes thousands of dogs each year.

He said: “A cloned dog contributes to the happiness of a family but I do not think it is possible to do it without a huge amount of suffering to hundreds of others.

"That is why I got out.

“I couldn’t care less if the cloning business world collapses but I care about suffering.”

Lou was speaking out after Britain’s first genetically engineered pooch, Mini Winnie, was unveiled this week by owner Rebecca Smith, 29, who won a £60,000 competition to have her created.

The dachshund was created by...