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What happens when a couple freezes embryos to conceive a baby later, but they get divorced? What if egg and sperm samples get mixed up? Or worse – what if an embryo is implanted in the wrong woman? Thanks to technology, there are so many ways to have a baby or start a family – but the law has severely lagged behind, creating all kinds of “stranger than fiction” legal problems. In this hilarious & jaw-dropping talk, attorney Ellen Trachman explains why our reproductive laws need to change – and what you can do to protect yourselves & your family in the meantime.

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Attorney Ellen Trachman represents those wishing to build a family through assisted reproductive technology. In 2019, Ellen co-founded Colorado Fertility Advocates, a non-profit organization supporting Colorado fertility professionals and advocates. She was named Ally of the Year by the Colorado LGBT Bar Association and one of Denver’s 40 Under 40. Ellen writes a weekly column for Above the Law and co-hosts the podcast I Want To Put A Baby In You. She lives in... see more