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Stem cell researcher in 'yes' ads could get rich, they contend.
LOS ANGELES - Stem cell initiative opponents on Tuesday demanded that the Proposition 71 campaign release the financial holdings of its supporters amid new reports that one of the measure's advocates could profit from the $3 billion bond measure. reported that Stanford University professor Irving Weissman, a stem cell researcher featured in the initiative's campaign ads, could become a "very wealthy man" because of stock options he holds in the biotech firm, StemCells Inc.

Weissman was one of the founders of the Palo Alto-based firm investigating the use of stem cells to treat several illnesses and holds stock options from the firm. The stock is trading at about $2 per share. But if the value were to rise to $5.25 a share, the report claims, Weissman's options would be valuable.

Tim Rosales, the opposition campaign's spokesman, said the report raised more questions about potential profits for those supporting Proposition 71 and contributing to it. The "No on Proposition 71" campaign has claimed that venture capitalists, who have...