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newborn baby feet with ankle bands

When Daphna Cardinale gave birth to her second daughter in September 2019, she and her husband, Alexander, were immediately puzzled by her appearance.

The baby girl, while healthy, didn’t resemble either of her parents and looked to be of a different race. A home DNA test roughly seven weeks later confirmed a nagging worry both hoped could not be true: The child was not related to either of them.

That moment began a troubling, months-long ordeal in which the Cardinales ultimately learned their embryo had been switched with that of another couple during in vitro fertilization. The couples had given birth to — and were unknowingly raising — each other’s babies.

“The heartbreak and confusion cannot be understated,” a teary Daphna Cardinale said during a news conference Monday, shortly after the couple filed a lawsuit against their Los Angeles-based fertility clinic, California Center for Reproductive Health, and its medical director, Dr. Eliran Mor.

Also named in the suit are In VitroTech Labs, a third-party embryology center, and its parent company, Beverly Sunset Surgical Associates, both owned by Mor. The couple... see more