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Five years ago, Jason Diaz underwent drastic surgery to combat a rare type of cancer. He had his stomach removed. Diffuse gastric cancer is an inherited disease, and it’s one that he did not wish to pass on.

So when he and wife, Melissa, decided to have children, they made a plan. They would go the in vitro fertilization route with genetic screening. Their baby then wouldn’t have to suffer the same disease as his dad.

Now, the couple is suing a Pasadena fertility clinic. They say a doctor transferred an embryo with the stomach-cancer mutation, and their child, now a 1-year-old, will eventually have to have his stomach removed.

“Every day, my heart is hurting for my baby boy,” said Jason Diaz, “knowing the pain and challenges he has ahead of him.”

The couple, fighting back tears, spoke Wednesday at a news conference announcing the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, Jason Diaz, 32, had his stomach removed in 2018 after being diagnosed with diffuse gastric cancer. Doctors discovered that he had a rare mutation in the CDH1 gene, which...