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The 35 directors of the $12 billion California stem cell agency are scheduled to meet next week for a full day and take up matters ranging from conflicts of interest to results from its latest legislatively required performance audit. 

That is not to mention a new plan for spending several billions of dollars over the next five years.  

Will spending for clinical trials be the most well-funded research? The trials are absolutely necessary to bring “miraculous” treatments to the general population. But they are risky financially and physically to patients.

How much will basic research receive, a key consideration for the academic institutions represented on the agency’s governing board? When will a $83 million facilities building plan kick in, another important subject for a number of members of the board?

All of those matters are open to the public, scientists and cell and gene therapy companies, among others, for comments, criticism and suggestions, courtesy of state law, the agency and the Internet. Directions for logging into the meeting are on the meeting agenda.

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