Don’t Know Much about History...

Posted by Pete Shanks May 1, 2014
Biopolitical Times

Jason Silva, whose website identifies him as FILMMAKER • FUTURIST • EPIPHANY ADDICT, riffs on transhumanism at the Daily Beast, which is not notorious for the stringency of its editors. Silva claims (citing Peter Diamandis, whom he is misquoting) that

    more change has occurred in the last 100 years than in the last billion.

Let’s see … formation and dissolution of pangaea; increase in oxygen from about 10% of present-day levels; origin of multi-cellular eukaryotes; all of the previous big five mass extinctions...but what is all that compared with the development of the smartphone, eh?

Or did he mean million? (But what’s an order of magnitude or three among scientists?)

Well, there have been some noticeable changes in that time frame too, notably in the genus homo.

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