"Black and White Twins" / Cyronics Debunked (again) / Gene-Edited X Files / Get a Womb

Making Families, Queer Kin & Repro Justice / Mice Made Glum / Cross-Border Surrogacy

"Cheap White Eggs," 3P-IVF-US?, CRISPR Embryos, Race & Genetics

Privatizing GM Humans; Monkeys Model Autism; Sperm Bank Eugenics

CRISPR Gene Editing: Minding the Germline, Going Public, False Inevitabilities

 Are GM Babies Crawling Closer? CRISPR & Bad Blood and  Race, IQ, Genetics

Human Germline Modification, Ethics, Stem Cell Hype

Reframing: From germline tropes to "de-extinction" and "newgenics"

Debate on Genetically Modified Humans Heats Up!

Keep Germline Gene Editing Off Limits

A Tipping Point on Human Germline Modification?

Modifying human reproduction, consumer genetics and eugenic reparations

Mitochondrial Mission Creep and the Cloning Connection

"3-Person IVF" in the UK and US Precision Medicine Initiative

New Attention to Dangers of Germline Modification and AI

Biotech bad boy, neurotech good guys and more