From Multinational Monitor, Jan/February2000 <http://www.essential.org/monitor>

"Scientists have long speculated that parents would someday be able
to genetically engineer their children for appearance, physical and
mental abilities, or other traits of choice. For most people these
predictions have seemed so far in the future, or so patently
repugnant, that they didn't need to be taken very seriously. Such
complacency is no longer possible. Well below the radar screen of
both the general public and policy makers, a concerted campaign is
underway to perfect and justify the technologies that would allow
the engineering of `designer babies.'

"Supporters of the techno-eugenic future are working diligently on
a number of fronts to advance their cause. The broad strategy
includes the continued development of genetic manipulation
technologies, mobilization of a credible and vocal minority of the
public to actively embrace and call for a techno-eugenic future,
and persuading the majority of the public that attempts to restrict
the use of human genetic technologies would be an infringement of
individual rights."