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Development in cloning research underscores need for US to prohibit reproductive cloning [Press statement]Apr 17, 2014 Public interest group also questions risks to women who provide eggs and implications for health equity.
What We Know About Three-Parent In Vitro Fertilization by Jessica Cussins - Mar 13, 2014 RH Reality Check The creation of genetically manipulated babies would be a huge and dangerous step. So, what's the evidence about efficacy and safety, and what are the available alternatives?
Genetically Modified Babies by Marcy Darnovsky - Feb 23, 2014 The New York Times An advisory committee of the Food and Drug Administration is set to consider radical biological procedures that, if successful, would produce genetically modified human beings. This is a dangerous step.
FDA Should Preserve International Consensus against Human Germline Modifications [Press statement]Feb 19, 2014 The US Food and Drug Administration will hold a public meeting to discuss “oocyte modification in assisted reproduction for the prevention of transmission of mitochondrial disease.”
Sign-on Letter to the FDA about Mitochondrial Transfer Add your name to the call for the FDA not to allow a biologically radical procedure that would combine genetic material from three people and result in inheritable genetic modification.


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