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Center for Genetics and Society Report on Global Surrogacy Practices [Press statement]Jan 16, 2015 Just Released: Center for Genetics and Society Report on Global Surrogacy Practices, part of a series from the landmark Forum on Intercountry Adoption and Surrogacy
Biopolitical News of 2014 by Pete Shanks, Jessica Cussins & Marcy Darnovsky - Dec 19, 2014 Biopolitical Times This is everything important that happened in biopolitics in 2014 (or close to it).
Top Biopolitical Times Posts of 2014 by Jessica Cussins & Pete Shanks - Dec 18, 2014 Biopolitical Times In 2014, CGS staffers and contributors posted 107 blogs in Biopolitical Times. These are twelve of our favorites.
Welcoming our new Fellows Nov 13, 2014 Three new fellows will work with CGS on the social justice and human rights issues surrounding commercial surrogacy and egg retrieval.
Egg freezing poses health risks to women [Press statement]Oct 15, 2014 Facebook and Apple’s egg freezing “benefit” is ill-advised for multiple reasons


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