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UK Researchers Now Say Three-Person Embryo Technique Doesn't Work; Propose New Method by Jessica Cussins, Biopolitical Times guest contributor - Jun 08, 2016 New research shows the mitochondrial manipulation technique recently legalized in the UK faces major unknowns.
Public Interest Organization Comment on Synthetic Human Genome Project [Press statement] Twenty-five scientists and corporate figures call for a ten-year project to construct a synthetic human genome from scratch.
GMOs 2.0: Reengineering Life, from Plants to People Webcast - April 14, 2016 An online discussion about the new generation of genetic modification techniques, and the social issues they raise.
Center for Genetics and Society Letter in Opposition to California AB 2531 The Center for Genetics and Society urges the California Assembly Committee on Health to oppose a proposed bill that would expand payments to women to provide their eggs for research.
Center for Genetics and Society Comments on Just-Released Report on Germline Mitochondrial Manipulations [Press statement]Feb 03, 2016 The National Academy of Medicine's report conclusion – that no ethical or policy considerations stand in the way of clinical investigations going forward – seems at odds with the many cautions, risks, and concerns that it raises.


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