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Human Gene Editing: A Timeline of CRISPR Cover Stories With recent gene editing tools, a number of high-profile media are featuring CRISPR on their covers and front pages. We gather highlights since early 2015, along with opinion polls, TV shows, and editorial board statements.
About Human Germline Gene Editing by Center for Genetics and Society A new generation of genetic engineering techniques, known as “gene editing,” has re-ignited controversy about the prospect of creating genetically modified humans. Learn more on this regularly updated resource page.
Debating CRISPR for Reproduction | Expanding CA's Market in Eggs? | Scrutiny of US Stem Cell Clinics Our monthly newsletter Biopolitical Views & News rounds up our commentary and recent news stories. Here's the August issue!
Center for Genetics and Society Floor Alert in Opposition to California AB 2531 The Center for Genetics and Society urges the California Senate to oppose a proposed bill that would expand payments to women to provide their eggs for research.
Extreme Genetic Engineering and the Human Future Reclaiming Emerging Biotechnologies for the Common Good The Center for Genetics and Society and Friends of the Earth examine the human applications of synthetic biology. This 50-page report challenges claims that this new set of genetic engineering techniques should be seen as "the future of manufacturing, engineering and medicine."


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