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Genetically Modified Humans? Seven Reasons to Say “No” by Center for Genetics and Society - May 07, 2015 Crossing the threshold into inheritable human genetic alterations has long been considered dangerously unacceptable for both safety and social reasons.
NIH Statement on Gene Editing Highlights Need for Stronger US Stance on Genetically Modified Humans, Says Public Interest Group Apr 29, 2015 CGS welcomes NIH Director Francis Collins' unambiguous statement that "altering the human germline in embryos for clinical purposes ...has been viewed almost universally as a line that should not be crossed."
Public interest group calls for strengthening global policies against human germline modification [Press statement]Apr 22, 2015 “No researcher has the moral warrant to flout the globally widespread policy agreement against altering the human germline.”
Public interest group condemns human germline modification efforts, supports research moratorium, calls for US prohibition [Press Statement]Mar 19, 2015 We're at a watershed moment in determining whether human genetic technologies will be used in the public interest and for the common good, or in ways that are dangerous and socially pernicious.
United Kingdom Becomes Only Country to Allow Human Germline Modification [Press statement]Feb 24, 2015 The Center for Genetics and Society (CGS) joins many others who believe that this is a historic mistake.


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