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3-Person IVF: Critical Correspondence

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 CGS Press Statements:

Letters and Statements:

  • Open letter from stem cell scientist Paul Knoepfler to UK Parliament, imploring that they heed safety concerns for any resulting children and "avoid historic mistake on rushing human genetic modification." (Published November 2, 2014)
  • All submissions to the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee evidence hearing October 22, 2014 (CGS submission pg. 31)
  • Letter to the HFEA Mitochondria Review Policy Team prepared by the Center for Genetics and Society and signed by 53 prominent scholars, scientists and advocates sent on March 21, 2014 in response to their "Call for evidence: Update to scientific review of the methods to avoid mitochondrial disease."
  • Letter to the FDA prepared by the Center for Genetics and Society and the International Center for Technology Assessment signed by over 250 people, for review for the February 25-26, 2014 public meeting on mitochondrial manipulation technologies
  • Letter to the FDA from the Center for Genetics and Society in preparation for their public meeting on mitochondrial manipulation technologies
  • Statement from 34 members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe stating that this technique "is incompatible with human dignity and international law."
  • "Alarm Over Genetic Control of Embryos Times 20 March 2013," a letter to The Times (UK) citing grave reservations about mitochondria replacement signed by 30 bioethicists from around the world
  • "Eugenics fear over gene modification,"a Letter to the Editor in The Guardian signed by 15 scholars and activists

Articles and Commentary:


A sample of letters submitted to the HFEA's mitochondria replacement public consultation:


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