Kayla Tolentino

Kayla Tolentino, graduated summa cum laude from San Francisco State University in May 2016. She majored in Community-Based Health Education and minored in both Political Science and Women's Health. She was accepted into the Congressional Internship Program as a Panetta Institute Scholar, and worked in the Washington DC office of Congressman Tony Cardenas. Over the course of her studies, she developed a passionate interest in critically thinking about the ways that cultural practices, public policy, and social movements impact the human experience.

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Portrait of Rudy Rupak

In early August, the founder of California surrogacy agency Planet Hospital, Rudy Rupak, was sentenced to serve two years in...

A panel from the comic strip which highlights a tug of war game, with a double helix as the rope being fought for by the two opponents. Text box reads: "One of the biggest discoveries in biotech has the potential to radically alter our lives... and nobody knows who owns it."

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The billion-dollar patent battle over CRISPR/Cas-9 “gene editing” technology is layered with blockbuster scientific papers, media storms, superstar...