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Trump looks with his eyes scanning to his left, as he speaks in front of a microphone.

Is President Donald Trump a fan of eugenics? He seems to believe that he comes from greatly superior genetic stock.

He hasn’t said much of anything about CRISPR ‘gene editing’ technology that can readily alter the genetic code of cells of nearly any organism, including humans, but Trump has a fascination with the concept of “good genes” that sounds eerily similar to eugenics and could link together CRISPR & Eugenics.

If you watch the video above, you’ll see many striking quotes from Trump on his “amazing” genes.

What’s the deal? Could Trump be a eugenicist without even knowing it? Where’s the line if any between snobbery and eugenics? Can the idea of genes unite the two?

The word ‘eugenics’ can be taken literally to mean good birth or good genes. In the past, eugenics as a movement has largely been associated with societal disasters where certain individuals or groups decided that some segments of society were intrinsically inferior. As a result, these groups were oppressed or even killed. The Nazis embraced eugenics, but so did many Americans especially in the early...