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It’s been somewhat of a helter-skelter time for the new technology often referred to as 3-person IVF or mitochondrial transfer as the UK considers whether to legalize this experimental technology for use in humans.

I believe that this technology is not ready now for use in humans and for more background on why as well as other opinions you can see articles here.

The admirable goal of this experimental 3-person IVF approach is to prevent transmission of mitochondrial diseases from mother to child, but it raises many complicated scientific and ethical questions. Like advocates of the use of this technology in humans, I too want to see new options for people with mitochondrial diseases to be able to have healthy families, but unfortunately this technology although well-intentioned could in reality end up doing far more harm than good, especially if implemented too soon.

The two main methods proposed for this technology are outlined in images from the UK HFEA.

3-person IVF

Unfortunately in the fray, some myths have popped up that we now often see quoted in newspaper articles as facts....