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Television: Bloodlines: Technology Hits Home (June 10)
A baby with five "parents" and none of them recognized by law. A patent application for a creature that would be genetically part human and part chimpanzee. A corporation secretly doing genetic tests on its workers. These scenarios are not only real, they are challenging our most fundamental beliefs and establishing legal precedents that govern our future. Bloodlines: Technology Hits Home, a one-hour documentary that premieres Tuesday, June 10th at 9 PM on PBS (check local listings for rebroadcast schedule), reveals how new biotechnologies are raising ethical, legal and social dilemmas as cutting-edge science intersects with the law. Accompanying it is an extensive website.

Article: Ralph Brave, "James Watson Wants to Build a Better Human," (May 28, 2003)
Many newspaper, radio and television accounts of the 50th anniversary of the discovery of DNA's double helix focused on the eccentric genius and baffling charm of co-discoverer James Watson. Meanwhile, largely unnoticed, Nobel laureate Watson celebrated in his own way: by continuing to aggressively advance his agenda for genetically re-engineering...