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Q: What is cloning?

A: Cloning means making a genetic copy or duplicate of a DNA sequence, a cell, or an entire organism.

Q: What is reproductive cloning?

A: Reproductive cloning of a human being means making a genetic copy or duplicate of an existing person. The method used with animals involves the following steps:

  • taking the nucleus from a cell of an existing person,
  • putting this nucleus into a woman's egg from which nucleus had been removed,
  • stimulating the resulting entity so that it starts developing into an embryo, and
  • implanting that clonal embryo into a woman's womb to be brought to term.

The baby, and later the child and adult, would be the genetic duplicate of the person from whom the original cell nucleus was taken. A person created in this way would not have a genetic mother or father, as we understand those words, but instead a "nuclear donor."

The cloning process is also called "nuclear transfer" (NT) or somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT).

New techniques, such as the derivation of induced pluripotent stem cells via cellular...