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Originally published April 6, 2005
Last modified October 3, 2006


The California stem cell research program is compromised by two sorts of conflicts of interest. Proposition 71, which established the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), built conflicts of interest into the structure of the new agency. The proposition mandates that at least half of the CIRM's governing board, the Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee (ICOC), must represent institutions which are likely to conduct stem cell research.


In addition to these built-in institutional conflicts, some members of the ICOC have personal conflicts of interest. Initial research by the Center for Genetics and Society has revealed that seven of the twenty-nine ICOC members have significant business relationships with companies involved in stem cell research. These relationships include substantial equity investments and board memberships, detailed below.

CGS has compiled summaries of the ICOC members' backgrounds and financial interests. These ICOC members have investments or leadership positions in companies that are currently, or have in the past, been involved with stem cell research. Worth of stock ownership is reported on Form...