Aggregated News

"A generation of women wiped out?" Glamour Magazine (August Issue) Quotes CGS' Sujatha Jesudason
"It sounds like science fiction, but in India it's all too real: Technology is being used to drastically reduce the number of girls being born. Already the gender imbalance is causing serious problems, from desperate bachelors to a sharp rise in bride trafficking. And the future? Terrifying."

Editorial: "Public confidence in stem-cell institute demands full disclosure," San Jose Mercury News (July 31)
"California's great stem-cell experiment faces a moment of truth this week. Wednesday, in San Francisco, the state's stem-cell institute must make a pivotal decision on whether members of its working groups should be required to publicly disclose any conflicts of interest before they review grant applications and make recommendations to the agency's governing board for final approval. The agency should make an investment in public oversight and public confidence and overturn its staff's recommendation opposing full public disclosure."

"Hold fire on therapeutic cloning until there's proof it works," Sydney Morning Herald (July 26)
"There is a long way...