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Below we show examples of modern artistic and cultural work addressing or incorporating the new human genetic technologies.

Overview and analysis

Exhibits, galleries, and festivals




Performance and experiential art

Literature: literary and pop fiction

Literature: children's literature

Radical art in opposition to eugenic technologies

Transgenic and transhuman art

Cloning humor

Overview and analysis

Suzanne Anker and Dorothy Nelkin, The Molecular Gaze: Art in the Genetic Age, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York (2004). Review at:

Steven Henry Madoff, "The Wonders of Genetics Breed a New Art," New York Times (May 26, 2002) - an important overview

Jordan Lite, "Artists Mine Genetics," Wired (May 13, 2000) - an early overview article,1294,36288,00.html

Lists of artists, books, films and other works engaging human genetic technologies:

Website for "Genetics and Culture: from...