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Myths about reproductive cloning

Reproductive cloning would allow gay and lesbian couples to have a child that is genetically related to them.

Cloning would result in a child that is genetically "related" to one individual in the couple, but in a way unprecedented in history. (A cloned child would be a genetic near-duplicate of one person, rather than being 50 percent related, as is the case with alternative insemination or egg donation.) In the case of male couples, a donor egg would be required to create the cloned embryo and a "surrogate" mother would be needed to carry it to term.

There are other viable options for having children, including in vitro fertilization with donor gametes, alternative insemination, or adoption. Our resources are far better spent advocating for equal access to existing means of family building, legal protections for GLBT parents and children, and full social acceptance of GLBT families.

Reproductive cloning could help us better understand the "causes" of homosexuality.

Would the clone of a gay man also be gay, and if he was, what would that tell...