Aggregated News

The cover story of E Magazine's January 2001 issue, "Designing People"
by Sally Deneen, provides the environmental media's first in-depth
coverage of the push for human germline manipulation and the emerging
resistance to it. From the article:

"The idea of redesigning human beings and animals to suit the primarily
commercial goals of a limited number of individuals is fundamentally at
odds with the principle of respect for nature."--Brent Blackwelder,
president, Friends of the Earth; Robert Musil, executive director,
Physicians for Social Responsibility.

"If people are concerned that there was such a severe backlash against
genetically modified foods, I think they haven't seen anything compared
to the backlash when we are able to alter the human genome."--Beth
Burrows, director, Edmonds Institute.

"[W]hat we're talking about is a very deep understanding of what it means
to be part of an intricate web of life, and why we have boundaries between
species. . ..This is no `marginal' movement or way of thinking. The group
advocating human re-engineering includes extremely powerful, influential
and wealthy people. So don't expect them to roll over easily or...