Aggregated News

July 25-26: CGS Executive Director Richard Hayes presented "Converging Biotechnologies and the Human Future" at the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

July 23-24: CGS Project Director on Race, Disability and Eugenics Patricia Berne participated in a consultation on disability rights and end-of-life issues, convened by the Hastings Center with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

July 12-13: CGS Associate Executive Director Marcy Darnovsky took part in the "Progressive Bioethics Summit," sponsored by the Center for American Progress and Women's Bioethics Project. Slate columnist Will Saletan addressed the group, and commented on the meeting.

July 1: CGS Project Director on Race, Health and Justice Jamie D. Brooks presented "New Genetic and Reproductive Technologies: A Racial Justice Analysis" at the Race and Membership in American History course in Hayward, CA for the organization Facing History and Ourselves.

See CGS's Report on Activities for January-June 2007 [PDF] and Annual Report for 2006 [PDF].