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Egg Freezing: WTF?*[Op-Ed]by Lynn M. Morgan and Janelle S. TaylorThe Feminist WireApril 14th, 2013Egg freezing is invasive, dangerous, unregulated, and insanely expensive. Worse, it isn’t a social solution, so it cannot address the social causes that make it so difficult to balance career and family.
IVF And The Legacy Of Its Inventors[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by John FarrellForbesApril 12th, 201335 years after Robert G. Edwards co-developed in-vitro fertilization, the assisted reproduction industry in the US remains controversial.
Synthetic anti-malarial compound is bad news for artemisia farmersby Jim ThomasThe Guardian [UK]April 12th, 2013"There is simply no rationale to have a synthetic product on the market...Jay Keasling's words are denigrating for farmers...his work...adds nothing to solve the malaria problem at all."
Lord Robert Winston Warning Over Child ‘Eugenics’ by Lyndsay BucklandScotsmanApril 11th, 2013A leading fertility expert warns that reproductive technologies could enable a form of eugenics with serious implications for the individuals involved and society in general.
Made-to-Order Embryos for Sale — A Brave New World?by I. Glenn Cohen and Eli Y. AdashiThe New England Journal of MedicineApril 10th, 2013The proliferation of sperm and egg banks has opened the door to a made-to-order embryo industry in which embryos are generated with a commercial transaction in mind.
Microbes Can Mass-Produce Malaria Drugby Emily SingerMIT Technology ReviewApril 10th, 2013Drug makers can now brew large vats of the malaria drug artemisinin with synthetic biology techniques.
Three-Parent Children in UK Possible After HFEA Report[Quotes the Center for Genetics and Society]by Michael CookBioEdgeApril 6th, 2013The UK fertility regulator's report to the government misrepresented its own findings about public opinion.
Tough Calls on Prenatal Tests by Christopher WeaverWall Street JournalApril 3rd, 2013New prenatal gene tests are reshaping care for expectant mothers, but their rapid rollout has raised fears that poorly understood results could lead to confusion among patients and doctors.
Can We Patent Life?by Michael SpecterThe New YorkerApril 2nd, 2013Jonas Salk would not be amused, but if the Supreme Court buys Myriad’s argument, the sun, along with the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen contained within it, will indeed be up for grabs, and so will every gene in our bodies.
Come and get it: how sperm became one of America's hottest exportsby Brooke JarvisThe VergeApril 2nd, 2013An in-depth report on sperm donation focuses on the Seattle Sperm Bank, aka European Sperm Bank USA, and one of its donors.
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