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This Time, It’s Personal: New Cystic Fibrosis Drug (with $294,000 Price Tag)by Daniel SharpBiopolitical TimesMay 15th, 2012A new drug to treat some people with cystic fibrosis holds promise, but raises questions about the accessibility of "personalized" treatments.
Bioeconomy in South Korea, Again by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesMay 15th, 2012South Korea is investing in the bioeconomy again, despite the scandals of the last decade.
Why Amyris Is Giving Up on Biodiesel, For NowNew data show that its products cost more than $30 a gallon to make.by Kevin BullisTechnology ReviewMay 9th, 2012Synthetic biology company Amyris, a leader in the field, gives up its biofuels business, and shifts its approach to cosmetics.
Ethicist: We Need Safer Drugs for Our Kidsby Harriet A. WashingtonCNNMay 3rd, 2012Four of every five kids hospitalized in the United States are treated with drugs that have never been tested in them.
White House Plan for New “Bioeconomy” — A Step in the Wrong Direction by Daniel SharpBiopolitical TimesMay 2nd, 2012Unveiling a new “National Bioeconomy Blueprint,” the Obama Administration appeases the biotech industry while taking a step in the wrong direction.
Artificial DNA Presents Real Dangersby Daniel SharpBiopolitical TimesMay 2nd, 2012The creation of “artificial DNA” has generated substantial media buzz. The untold story behind the hype is about the new risks synthetic biology presents.
Appeals Court to Hear Gene-Patenting Case in Julyby Maggie FoxNational JournalApril 30th, 2012The next round of hearings for the Myriad gene patents case has been set for July 20th.
Will Gattaca Come True?[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by Mara HvistendahlSlateApril 27th, 2012Noninvasive, early fetal tests for sex, paternity, and chromosomal conditions will change pregnancy dramatically — and raise tricky ethical questions.
Anonymous DNA? No, It's Notby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesApril 19th, 2012An article in Nature Genetics essentially says that keeping aggregated DNA data anonymous is impossible, which raises important questions about privacy and the conduct of research.
Launch With Cautionby Sona MakkerBiopolitical TimesApril 4th, 2012Singularity University has launched a program to help entrepreneurs break in to the synthetic biology industry. Questions about oversight and regulation of the ensuing products and businesses appear not to be addressed.
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