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Human Cloning 'Within 50 Years'by Nick CollinsThe Telegraph (UK)December 18th, 2012Parents who lose children in accidents may be able to clone "copies" to replace them within 50 years, a British scientist who won this year's Nobel prize for medicine has predicted.
Year of the Fetusby Beth Marie MoleThe ScientistDecember 18th, 20122012 saw the introduction of a handful of non-invasive genetic prenatal tests, but the young industry faces growing pains as legal and ethical questions loom.
Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: The Dollars are in the Database by Emily StehrBiopolitical TimesDecember 18th, 201223andMe raised $50 million and plans to use it to lower the cost of its spit kit to $99. CEO Anne Wojcicki hopes this will lead to a very valuable database of one million users' genetic information.
In the Flesh: The Embedded Dangers of Untested Stem Cell Cosmetics by Ferris JabrScientific AmericanDecember 17th, 2012Unapproved procedures and skin care products endanger consumers and researchers hoping to conduct clinical trials for promising stem cell medicine.
By Hiring Kurzweil, Google Just Killed the SingularityThank God. by John PavlusMIT Technology ReviewDecember 17th, 2012Google announced a jaw-dropping hire: Ray Kurzweil as a Director of Engineering. If he wants to put his ideas into action there, he’ll have no choice but to get real about them.
German Brüstle Decision Puts Spotlight on National Patent Guidelinesby Julian HitchcockBioNewsDecember 17th, 2012The German Federal High Court fully exploited a narrow sliver of discretion granted it by an EU ruling in order to allow a patent on Oliver Brüstle's precursor cells.
DeliriousMe: Ownership and Identity in An Age of Genomic Medicineby Patricia WilliamsLOG: Journal of Architecture and UrbanismDecember 17th, 2012The question of who owns our bodies — in particular the genomic information that may be culled from routine human shedding — is a matter of evolving legal, social and ethical importance.
Why China is a Genetic Powerhouse with a Problem [Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by Carolyn Abraham and Carolynne WheelerThe Globe and MailDecember 15th, 2012Worry mounts that Beijing Genomics Institute, an enterprise backed in part with bank loans supported by the Chinese government, has unfettered access to the genetic building blocks of humanity.
Appeals Court Backs Scientist in Pfizer Retaliation Case by Lee HowardThe DayDecember 14th, 2012An appeals court has refused to overturn a verdict against Pfizer Inc. and in favor of whistleblower molecular biologist Becky McClain. Her efforts have drawn public attention to worker-safety issues in the biotechnology industry.
Universities with Connections Win Most Stem Cell Money[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by Melody PetersenThe Orange County RegisterDecember 14th, 2012Repeated independent reviews of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine have found that its board is rife with conflicts of interest.
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