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Google vs Death? Really?by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 20th, 2013Google just announced a new company, Calico, that will focus on aging and associated diseases. Former Genentech CEO Art Levinson will be in charge, but so far it has no other employees and no clear business plan.
Controversial IVF Therapy Could Turn Families into Experiments, Scientists Warnby John RossThe AustralianSeptember 20th, 2013Scientists have called for time-out on an experimental therapy which could produce babies with three biological parents.
CGS Letter to the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of EuropeSeptember 20th, 2013Regarding the UK's possible approval of "mitochondria replacement," techniques that constitute human inheritable genetic modification.
Science: The Religion that Must Not be Questionedby Henry GeeThe GuardianSeptember 19th, 2013It's time for the priesthood to be taken to task – and journalists aren't up to the job.
Still Chasing Ghosts: A New Genetic Methodology Will Not Find the “Missing Heritability”by Evan CharneyIndependent Science NewsSeptember 19th, 2013One of the hopes and promises of the Human Genome Sequencing Project was that it would uncover the supposed “genetic bases” of human behavior. With a few exceptions, however, this search has borne little fruit.
Maryland v. King: Three Concerns about Policing and Genetic Informationby Elizabeth E. JohGenomics Law ReportSeptember 19th, 2013The decision in Maryland v. King affirmed that DNA databanking in the criminal justice system is here to stay, but the majority opinion raises at least three potentially troubling concerns about policing and genetic privacy.
Tech Titans Form Biotechnology Companyby Claire Cain Miller and Andrew PollackThe New York TimesSeptember 18th, 2013Google has conceived and backed a new biotechnology company to fight the aging process and the diseases that accompany it.
NIH Approves First Uses of HeLa Genomeby Ewen CallawayNatureSeptember 17th, 2013The National Institutes of Health has approved the first uses of genomic data from the HeLa cell line, following negotiations between Lacks family members and NIH leadership.
FDA to Hold First Public Hearing on GM Babies[Quotes CGS's Richard Hayes and Jessica Cussins]by Rady AnandaActivist PostSeptember 16th, 2013Next month, the US Food and Drug Administration will hold a two-day public meeting to discuss genetic modification within the human egg, changes which will be passed on generationally.
DNA Double Takeby Carl ZimmerThe New York TimesSeptember 16th, 2013Scientists are finding that it’s quite common for an individual to have multiple genomes.
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