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ABC World News: “Egg Donors on the Rise”by Diane ToberBiopolitical TimesNovember 7th, 2013The segment lets several misleading statements stand, but it gets some important things right.
Synthetic Biology: Scientific Advances Outstrip Policy Discourseby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesNovember 7th, 2013Synthetic biology has been attracting general mainstream attention recently, not necessarily reflecting the latest scientific advances, which seem not to be engaging policymakers to the extent they should.
IVF Doesn't Raise Overall Risk For Childhood Cancersby Michaeleen DoucleffNPRNovember 6th, 2013Children who were conceived with in vitro fertilization have the same overall chance of developing childhood cancers as those conceived naturally.
'The More we Looked Into the Mystery of Crispr, the More Interesting it Seemed' by Steve ConnorThe IndependentNovember 6th, 2013An enzyme that is capable of cutting both strands of a DNA double helix at precisely the point dictated by a “programmable” RNA sequence may have huge - and controversial - implications for genetic engineering capabilities.
Are Roboticists Ignoring the Consequences?by Judith LevineSeven DaysNovember 6th, 2013Thanks to innovations such as “low-cost sensors” and “new algorithms,” robots are starting to look like us, move like us and react like us. And if the worshippers of technology have their way, they will replace us.
Call for Independent Inquiry of Suicide in Clinical Trial at University of Minnesotaby Jessica CussinsBiopolitcal TimesNovember 6th, 2013Over 170 leading scholars have urged the University of Minnesota to undertake a public, independent investigation of the controversial suicide of psychiatric research subject Dan Markingson.
Single-Cell Genomics Could Improve IVF Screeningby Susan YoungMIT Technology ReviewNovember 5th, 2013Fertility doctors in Beijing have begun testing a new method for genome analysis of human eggs before using them for in vitro fertilization.
The Frightening and Fraught Future of Genetic Testingby Michael WhitePacific StandardNovember 4th, 2013Will genetic testing become a routine part of our society's decision-making, influencing professional sports, the military, parole boards, political campaigns, and our own health, education, and career choices?
Getting Your Microbes Analyzed Raises Big Privacy Issuesby Rob SteinNPRNovember 4th, 2013After spending months working on a series of stories about the trillions of friendly microbes that live in and on our bodies, a science reporter decides to explore his own microbiome.
The Future of the California Stem Cell Agency: Cures, Priorities and Brain Drain by David JensenCalifornia Stem Cell ReportNovember 3rd, 2013The California stem cell agency is nearing the end of its “normal” life span, and the topic of its future comes up with some regularity nowadays within the Golden State's stem cell community.
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