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Synthetic Biology as Public Relationsby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesApril 17th, 2013Recent synthetic biology projects related to malaria, flu and conservation are providing PR cover for the field and its corporate sponsors.
Synthetic Biologists and Conservationists Open Talksby Ewen CallawayNatureApril 16th, 2013But worries persist about unintended consequences of tinkering with nature.
Panel Discusses the Legality of Patenting Human Genes [VIDEO][With CGS's Marcy Darnovsky] China Central TelevisionApril 16th, 2013Discussion of the Supreme Court hearing on human gene patents with intellectual property attorney Geoffrey Karny and CGS's Marcy Darnovsky, hosted by Mike Walter.
Supreme Court Critical of Patents on Human Genesby David G. SavageLos Angeles TimesApril 15th, 2013The justices were highly skeptical of the idea that a company or a scientist can hold a patent on human genes and prevent others from testing or using them.
New “Semisynthetic” Anti-Malarial Drug is Unneeded and Sets Dangerous Precedent While Threatening Farmer Livelihoods[Press Release]SynBioWatchApril 15th, 2013A pharmaceutical giant announced that it will replace the entire world supply of the preferred anti-malarial treatment with a semi-synthetic product produced using synthetic biology - a controversial, unregulated biotechnology.
Egg Freezing: WTF?*[Op-Ed]by Lynn M. Morgan and Janelle S. TaylorThe Feminist WireApril 14th, 2013Egg freezing is invasive, dangerous, unregulated, and insanely expensive. Worse, it isn’t a social solution, so it cannot address the social causes that make it so difficult to balance career and family.
IVF And The Legacy Of Its Inventors[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by John FarrellForbesApril 12th, 201335 years after Robert G. Edwards co-developed in-vitro fertilization, the assisted reproduction industry in the US remains controversial.
Synthetic anti-malarial compound is bad news for artemisia farmersby Jim ThomasThe Guardian [UK]April 12th, 2013"There is simply no rationale to have a synthetic product on the market...Jay Keasling's words are denigrating for farmers...his work...adds nothing to solve the malaria problem at all."
Lord Robert Winston Warning Over Child ‘Eugenics’ by Lyndsay BucklandScotsmanApril 11th, 2013A leading fertility expert warns that reproductive technologies could enable a form of eugenics with serious implications for the individuals involved and society in general.
Made-to-Order Embryos for Sale — A Brave New World?by I. Glenn Cohen and Eli Y. AdashiThe New England Journal of MedicineApril 10th, 2013The proliferation of sperm and egg banks has opened the door to a made-to-order embryo industry in which embryos are generated with a commercial transaction in mind.
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