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The Biggest Threat to the Genomic Revolution? Spying Scandals by Gillian TettFinancial TimesJuly 31st, 2013It is now possible for scientists to compare the genomic sequence of thousands of people and thus spot patterns of diseases that range from cancer to schizophrenia, but what about privacy?
Man Pleads Guilty in Stem Cell Schemeby Mike GlennThe Houston ChronicleJuly 31st, 2013On Wednesday, 42-year-old Vincent Dammai of South Carolina pleaded guilty in federal court in Houston for his role in stem cell fraud.
Science as Social Control: Political Paralysis and the Genetics Agendaby Jonathan LathamIndependent Science NewsJuly 31st, 2013A new study in Science found that fully 98% of variation in “educational attainment” cannot be attributed to inherited genetic differences. Why did the authors fail to mention this fact in the title or in the summary?
Egg Donors Create Support Group for Women and Push for More Safety Databy Raquel CoolOur Bodies Our BlogJuly 30th, 2013A former egg donor, and co-founder of the group We Are Egg Donors, explains why she no longer has it in her to participate in an industry that has resisted researching donor health for decades.
Japan to Start Stem-Cell Study on Humansby David CyranoskiNatureJuly 30th, 2013Researchers in Kobe, Japan will start recruiting patients for the world’s first clinical study using induced pluripotent stem cells.
Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Blessing? Curse? Both?[Quotes CGS's Diane Tober]by Eleanor J BaderTruthoutJuly 28th, 2013ART has helped millions of women have children. At the same time, moral concerns and medical questions abound.
Stem Cell Agency Approves Plan for Clinical Trial Networkby Karen KaplanLos Angeles TimesJuly 26th, 2013The governing board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine approved a $70-million plan to develop a network of clinics for conducting trials of experimental stem-cell therapies.
Is Eugenics Ever Okay?by Nathaniel ComfortGenotopiaJuly 26th, 2013Recognizing that we are grasping the reins of human evolution as fast as we can raises two sets of concerns. First, “What if it doesn’t work?” Second, "What if it does?"
uBiome: Ethical Lapse or Not?by Judy StoneScientific AmericanJuly 25th, 2013Skirting the rules hurts the company's image, fosters mistrust and, perhaps more importantly, may hurt the citizen science movement more broadly.
The Moral Price of Human Eggsby S. Lochlann JainSan Francisco ChronicleJuly 25th, 2013It is simply criminal that the stubborn resistance to collecting data on the long-term health consequences of egg extraction continues to enable the claim that "no danger has been proven."
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