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Personal-Genetics Company Patent Raises Hacklesby Monya BakerNature News BlogMay 31st, 2012The personal genetics company 23andMe announced its first patent filing yesterday. Clients expressed their concern and dismay on the company's website.
Race Under the Microscope: A New Video by the Center for Genetics and Societyby Emily BeitiksBiopolitical TimesMay 31st, 2012A new video by the Center for Genetics and Society explores how genetic research and its commercial by-products are reviving harmful and false assumptions about race.
In the News: Stem Cell Cash Will Run Out Then What?by David JensenThe Sacramento BeeMay 20th, 2012Prop. 71 has previously provided a direct stream of state bond cash, but what will happen when, in about five years, the state stops borrowing money to finance stem cell research?
California Considers DNA Privacy Lawby Helen ShenNatureMay 18th, 2012California lawmakers are considering a bill that would require written consent for the collection, retention, and sharing of individual genetic information. Academic researchers fear the measures would prohibit work with genetic databases.
Many Rare Mutations May Underpin Diseasesby Nicholas WadeThe New York TimesMay 17th, 2012Given new data, finding the genetic roots of common disease seems much harder, dimming the promise of personal genomics and the chances of quick medical payoffs from the human genome project.
Big Promises Backed by Bad Theoryby Eric Hoffman and Stuart NewmanGenetic Engineering & Biotechnology NewsMay 15th, 2012Synthetic biology is not only based on poor biological models, but also presents dramatic risks to health and the environment. The field is badly in need of oversight and regulation.
This Time, Its Personal: New Cystic Fibrosis Drug (with $294,000 Price Tag)by Daniel SharpBiopolitical TimesMay 15th, 2012A new drug to treat some people with cystic fibrosis holds promise, but raises questions about the accessibility of "personalized" treatments.
Bioeconomy in South Korea, Again by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesMay 15th, 2012South Korea is investing in the bioeconomy again, despite the scandals of the last decade.
Why Amyris Is Giving Up on Biodiesel, For NowNew data show that its products cost more than $30 a gallon to make.by Kevin BullisTechnology ReviewMay 9th, 2012Synthetic biology company Amyris, a leader in the field, gives up its biofuels business, and shifts its approach to cosmetics.
Ethicist: We Need Safer Drugs for Our Kidsby Harriet A. WashingtonCNNMay 3rd, 2012Four of every five kids hospitalized in the United States are treated with drugs that have never been tested in them.
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