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Growth of egg freezing blurs 'experimental' labelby Alison MotlukNatureAugust 23rd, 2011No one knows how successful the freezing and thawing of older eggs will be — despite the fact that most women now seeking the service are over 38.
Surrogacy and Baby-Selling: Latest Fertility Industry Scandal by Marcy DarnovskyRH Reality CheckAugust 19th, 2011Prominent surrogacy lawyers plead guilty to setting up a baby-selling ring centered in California and the Ukraine, lying to clients and surrogates, and defrauding the state of California.
Is Hollywood turning surrogacy into a trend?by Joanne RichardToronto SunAugust 16th, 2011There's a baby boom in Hollywood and celebrity surrogacy is front and center. Celebrity surrogacy could in fact be a trend, says Dr. Stuart Fischoff. After all, a baby bump is not for everyone.
Sex Cells: New book by Rene Almelingby Emily BeitiksBiopolical TimesAugust 12th, 2011A new book by sociologist Rene Almeling explores gender and emerging markets for eggs and sperm.
Surrogacy Scandal Raises Question About Regulationby Julie WatsonAssociated PressAugust 11th, 2011Renowned surrogacy lawyer Theresa Erickson was working the system to become an international baby broker, running a birthing factory out of the Ukraine that duped at least a dozen American couples into paying $150,000 for children they thought were being adopted legally.
The Two-Minus-One Pregnancyby Ruth PadawerNew York TimesAugust 10th, 2011"Pregnancy reduction” for women carrying twins opens up an uncharted territory of personal choice. What is it about terminating half a twin pregnancy that seems more controversial than reducing triplets to twins or aborting a single fetus?
Regulating the "Global Baby"by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesAugust 4th, 2011George Annas analyzes last year's Canadian Supreme Court decision about regulating assisted reproduction, and the implications for the U.S. and other countries.
Stratified Reproductionby Gina Maranto, Biopolitical Times guest contributorAugust 3rd, 2011France Winddance Twine’s new volume provides a noteworthy look at stratified reproduction and how racism, classism, and colorism permeate the international market for wombs and gametes.
"I Know It's a Girl, and I Need Your Help To Get It Out of Me."by Sunita PuriSlateAugust 2nd, 2011Sex selection happens in the United States, too—and doctors need better guidelines for dealing with it.
The Abortion Trap: How America's obsession with abortion hurts families everywhere[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by Mara HvistendahlForeign PolicyJuly 26th, 2011How America's obsession with abortion hurts families everywhere.
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