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Woman Sues FDA Over Right to Select Her Own Sperm Donor by Meghan NealNew York Daily NewsJuly 4th, 2012An anonymous California woman is suing the Food and Drug Administration, which regulates sperm banks, for the right to use an unregulated sperm donor.
Couples Use IVF to Pick Genesby Julia MedewThe AgeJuly 3rd, 2012Fertile women with genes that predispose them to breast and ovarian cancers are using preimplantation genetic diagnosis to select embryos without the genes.
Frozen Egg Birth Rate Remains Low by Julieanne StrachanSydney Morning HeraldJuly 1st, 2012Doctors warn that the chances of being able to achieve a live birth using a frozen egg are significantly less than from a frozen embryo.
Surrogacy Gives Birth to IndustryOregon's Medical Advances, Willing Mothers Attract International Clients Who Bring Cash With Their Dreamsby Peter KornPortland TribuneJune 21st, 2012Couples from around the world looking for surrogate gestational carriers have discovered Oregon, with its liberal surrogate laws and highly rated reproductive medicine clinics.
Judge Says Montana Parents Can Sue Over Lack of Genetic Testingby The Associated PressGreat Falls TribuneJune 21st, 2012A Montana couple who say they would have aborted their pregnancy if they knew the child would be born with cystic fibrosis are suing their healthcare providers for not conducting a more thorough genetic screening.
Baby Contest: Couples Compete for Free IVF — Is This Exploitation or Generosity? by Bonnie RochmanTIME HealthlandJune 19th, 2012The Sher Fertility Institute selected 3 couples out of 45 who submitted emotionally wrenching videos in order to win a free IVF cycle. For one judge, choosing her favorites felt like "playing God."
First Gay Couple to Become Fathers in UK Spend £65K to Ensure Next Child is a Girl by Sadie WhitelocksThe Daily Mail (UK)June 12th, 2012The first same-sex couple in the UK to have their names listed as parents on a birth certificate have traveled to the US and spent over $100,000 on specialist IVF treatment to ensure that their next child is female.
DNA Blueprint for Fetus Built Using Tests of Parents[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by Andrew PollackThe New York TimesJune 6th, 2012Using only a blood sample from the pregnant woman and a saliva specimen from the father, researchers explain that “Our capacity to generate data is outstripping our ability to interpret it in ways that are useful to physicians and patients.”
Indian Surrogate Dies Amid Complications in Eighth Month of Pregnancyby Jessica CussinsBiopolitical TimesMay 31st, 2012The death of Premila Vaghela illustrates the risks that impoverished surrogates may be tempted to take.
Son Preference and Sex Selection in America: Why It Persists and How We Can Change Itby Sujatha Jesudason and Anat Shenker-OsorioRH Reality CheckMay 31st, 2012Empowering families, communities, and societies to root out biases and alter their own behaviors without shaming, blaming, or curtailing the rights of women is our only real hope of tackling this issue.
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