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More Couples Seek to Select Child Gender / 90 Couples Went to Thailand for Diagnosis in '12by The Yomiuri ShimbunThe Daily Yomiuri July 17th, 2012At least 90 Japanese couples have traveled to Thailand to receive preimplantation diagnosis for sex selection purposes this year, a procedure not allowed in Japan.
India Suspends Doctors Over Banned Fetal 'Sex Tests'Daily NewsJuly 17th, 2012Twelve Indian doctors have been suspended for allegedly conducting prenatal sex tests, a practice banned to stop the abortion of female fetuses that has widened India's gender gap.
High Doses of Hormones Faulted in Fertility Care[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by Jacqueline MrozThe New York TimesJuly 16th, 2012OHSS can be a complication of fertility treatments that rely on high doses of hormones, which are standard in the United States and the United Kingdom on the grounds of higher success rates.
Sperm Donor Records Disposed of in JapanUnited Press InternationalJuly 14th, 2012A survey of Japanese fertility clinics found about 30 percent of information on sperm donors has been destroyed.
Conflict Potential Seen in Genetic Counselorsby Andrew PollackNew York TimesJuly 13th, 2012Is it ethical for genetic counselors, who advise patients on whether to undergo testing, to be paid by the companies that perform the tests?
Is Your Fertility Doctor Taking Kickbacks?by Cassie MurdochSlateJuly 13th, 2012Responding to the growing IVF market, companies that give loans to fund fertility treatments are sprouting up across the country.
Bill Aims to Weed Out Rent-a-Womb Clinicsby Kounteya SinhaThe Times of IndiaJuly 13th, 2012The Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation Bill will make it mandatory for all Indian clinics involved in treating infertility to be part of a National Registry.
17-Yr-Old Egg Donor Dead, HC Questions Fertility Centreís Roleby Mayura JanwalkarThe Indian ExpressJuly 12th, 2012Sushma Pandey's death two years ago - after visiting a fertility clinic three times in 18 months - is now bringing Indiaís assisted reproductive clinics into the spotlight.
Womb Transplants Could Be a Reality in Britain Within Two Years: Surgeonby Rebecca SmithTelegraphJuly 12th, 2012Some doctors say womb transplants would be a more 'ethical solution' to infertility than seeking a surrogate.
Growing IVF Loan Business Helps Families Finance Their Fertilityby Linda CarrollToday onlineJuly 12th, 2012Fertility finance companies are popping up around the country; while many couples are happy with the option, some experts are concerned they are taking advantage of a vulnerable group.
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