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Government Shutters Agency That Oversees Canada’s Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Industryby Tom BlackwellNational PostMarch 30th, 2012Canada’s fertility industry will soon be left with virtually no official oversight, after the federal government decided this week to close down the regulatory agency for the field.
Canadian women richly rewarded for donating eggsby CTVNews.ca StaffCTV NewsMarch 27th, 2012It's illegal in Canada to pay for human eggs or sperm. But the practice continues because no one is enforcing the law.
In Vitro Babies Denied U.S. Citizenshipby Michele ChabinUSA TodayMarch 19th, 2012Twins born through IVF to an American mother were denied citizenship in a controversial case.
Canada’s Murky Legal World of Surrogate-Consultants and Human-Egg Buyersby Tom BlackwellNational PostMarch 9th, 2012Egg brokers in Canada charge thousands for the service, yet Canadian law prohibits payment for the “carriers” and donors themselves, part of the legal grey zone that envelops the industry.
Egg Freezing: Taking a Closer Look at the Experimental Labelby Sona MakkerBiopolitcal TimesMarch 7th, 2012Recent media coverage of egg freezing has done more to promote it than to raise awareness of the risks that any woman considering it should know about.
Illegal Surrogacy Operation the "Tip of the Iceberg"by Emily BeitiksBiopolitical TimesMarch 6th, 2012The accomplices in the surrogacy scandal have been sentenced. What have we learned about preventing further abuses in the surrogacy industry?
Surrogate Mothers Face Nightmares of Surrogacyby Savita VermaIndia TodayMarch 5th, 2012From lack of adequate compensation to cultural stigmas, surrogate mothers in India face a unique set of hardships and risks.
Same-Sex Custody Battle Could Change Florida Law by James RosicaNewsOKMarch 4th, 2012The battle over what defines motherhood is being played out on prime-time television shows and in courtrooms across the country.
Pregnant Surrogates ‘Left in the Lurch’ after RCMP Raid Fertility Consultant’s Officeby Tom BlackwellNational PostMarch 1st, 2012Canadian police launched an unprecedented investigation of a fertility-treatment consultant, citing alleged violations of laws that ban buying or selling sperm, eggs and surrogacy services.
Convicted Surrogacy Attorney: I'm Tip of Iceberg by Rory Devine and R. StickneyNBC San DiegoFebruary 29th, 2012The woman convicted and sentenced for her role in a baby-selling ring says the "billion-dollar industry" is "corrupt."
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