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The Pratten ruling: An anonymous sperm provider’s son explains why it matters by Barry Stevens, Biopolitical Times guest contributorJune 2nd, 2011Along with the majority of my fellow offspring, I believe that it is wrong to use anonymous gamete providers in assisted conception. And the most common argument against an open system - that the number of egg and sperm donors will go down - is contradicted by the evidence.
California medical board revokes license of 'Octomom' doctorby Rong-Gong Lin II and Jessica GarrisonLos Angeles Times June 2nd, 2011Dr. Michael Kamrava "did not exercise sound judgment" in implanting Nadya Suleman with 12 embryos, the medical board ruled. His handling of two other patients was also cited.
Egg Freezing Puts The Biological Clock On Holdby Jennifer LuddenNPRMay 31st, 2011Technology is dangling the possibility that women can stop the biological clock, at least for a while.
Pregnant Vietnamese sent home[Thailand]by Suthiwit ChayutworakanBangkok PostMay 31st, 2011After a raid by Thai police on a criminal surrogacy operation, Thailand and Vietnam have agreed to cooperate on combating human trafficking and providing assistance to its victims.
Axing Gamete Donor Anonymity: British Columbia Ruling Reflects Growing Global Conversation by Jillian TheilRH Reality CheckMay 26th, 2011A British Columbia judge has ruled that anonymity for gamete donors in the Canadian province is unconstitutional.
Landmark ruling ends sperm and egg donor anonymity in B.C. [Canada]by Sunny DhillonThe Globe and MailMay 19th, 2011A British Columbia Supreme Court judge has declared unconstitutional the legislation that denied donor offspring the same rights as adoptees.
High Court judge approves commercial surrogacy[United Kingdom]BBC NewsMay 19th, 2011Citing the welfare of the child involved, the judge retrospectively approved a commercial surrogacy arrangement made by a British couple who hired a woman from the Ukraine.
Dreams of the Weekby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesMay 18th, 2011Several recent announcements and studies appear to presage renewed interest in manipulating the biology that is thought to control longevity and especially our children's happiness and intelligence.
Pele fertility doctor 'deceived IVF parents' [Brazil]by Robin YappThe Telegraph (UK)May 16th, 2011A Brazilian fertility expert who helped Pele father twins is suspected of having deceived large numbers of patients into bringing up children that are not genetically theirs.
Fifteen eggs optimum for IVF success, study findsby Kate KellandReutersMay 11th, 2011The findings suggest that aiming for around 15 eggs per cycle would maximize the chances of a live birth while minimizing the risk of overstimulating the ovaries.
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