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Review: Bioethics: All That Matters by Donna Dickensonby Gina Maranto, Biopolitical Times guest contributorDecember 13th, 2012This lively and accessible guide to the ethical implications of biotechnology asks how the field promotes or undermines social equality.
Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing: Is This the Brave New World We Want?by Alexandra Minna SternThe Huffington PostDecember 11th, 2012Several companies have recently unveiled non-invasive prenatal tests for use among "high-risk" women, but the history of prenatal testing in America suggests that a path to routinization is all but assured.
Anatomy of a Webpage: A Peek into a Possible Genetic Futureby George Estreich, Biopolitical Times guest contributorDecember 11th, 2012A biotech start-up wants to use a "proprietary algorithm" to provide information about hypothetical children.
Who's Mom? Legally, Biologically, it's no Easy Answerby Martin E. KlimekUSA TodayDecember 9th, 2012New York allows gay marriage but forbids surrogacy, while Utah permits surrogacy but bans gay marriage.
More Women Turn to Frozen Eggs For Help With Infertility[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by Andrea K. WalkerThe Baltimore SunDecember 8th, 2012Questions abound about whether the freezing method contaminates the egg, whether it may cause health problems later in a child's life and how long frozen eggs may remain vital.
Fertility Clinics' Ad Regulation Falls Short, Report Says by Catherine PearsonThe Huffington PostDecember 6th, 2012There is too little oversight of how fertility clinics market themselves online, a new report charges, possibly misleading women about their chances of getting pregnant.
Welcome to DownTown Abbeyby Jane RidleyPage Six MagazineDecember 6th, 2012New York City's modern-day dukes and duchesses blur the lines between upstairs and downstairs, demanding their household help provide everything from donated eggs to properly behaved aquatic animals.
Calls for Increased Compensation for Egg Donorsby PSThe Copenhagen PostDecember 3rd, 2012Fertility clinics in Denmark argue that women should receive more than 500 kroner for donating ova, but the health minister warns against turning them into commodities.
U.S. Fertility Care: Ignoring Minorities? by Jim HawkinsThe Huffington PostDecember 1st, 2012A new report about the websites of U.S. fertility clinics details the vast over-representation of white babies. Could this be behind the relative lack of racial minorities using fertility treatments?
Surgery that Puts Menopause on Holdby Julia MedewThe Sydney Morning HeraldNovember 30th, 2012Ovarian tissue transplants have now been used by 20 women around the world, but IVF specialists recommend it only for women whose fertility is threatened by illness such as cancer.
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