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How "Gene Doping" Could Create Enhanced Olympiansby Rick LovettNational Geographic NewsAugust 14th, 2008Experts say Oympic athletes may soon be able to genetically enhance their muscles to be faster, stronger, and better able to recover after workouts—if they aren't already.
Finding the Golden Genes by Patrick BarryScienceNewsAugust 13th, 2008Advances in gene therapy could tempt some athletes to enhance their genetic makeup, leading some researchers to work on detection methods just in case.
Gene Doping Hits the Headlinesby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJuly 29th, 2008The media are speculating about gene doping at the Olympics, and Friends of the Earth is urging sports to renounce it.
German TV Documentary Suggests Genetic Doping is Possible in ChinaDeutsche Presse-AgenturJuly 22nd, 2008A hidden camera showed a reporter, claiming to be a swimming coach, inquiring about performance-enhancing stem cell treatment for athletes in a Chinese hospital. A doctor named a price of $24,000 and outlined the procedure.
Gene Therapy to Treat Cancer for First TimePress Trust of IndiaJune 19th, 2008Doctors have treated a cancer patient by injecting him with billions of his own genetically-modified immune cells
Gene Fears by Doping BodyEdinburgh Evening NewsJune 12th, 2008The World Anti-Doping Agency has called for increased awareness of the dangers of gene doping, which is thought to be the next big performance-enhancing threat in world sport.
Protecting research subjects from a broken system by Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesApril 8th, 2008Until conflicts of interest are eliminated, research subjects will never be safe.
Eight Years after Jesse’s Death, Are Human Research Subjects Any Safer?by Paul Gelsinger and Adil E. ShamooHastings Center ReportApril 4th, 2008Many things stand in the way of better protection, but perhaps the greatest obstacle is the lack of adequate federal oversight.
The Future: Think performance enhancers are a problem now?Welcome to the era of the genetically engineered superathleteby David EpsteinSports IllustratedMarch 11th, 2008If athletes develop ways to alter their genes, the very blueprints for their own muscles, there may be no test of blood or urine that can pick that up.
Nature Biotech reports CGS skepticism about IRBs-for-hireby Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesFebruary 5th, 2008An article published in Nature Biotech last September quotes CGS's Osagie Obasogie's concerns about private IRBs.
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