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South Koreans Rush to Defend Cloning Researcher Against CriticismNew York TimesNovember 29th, 2005"Days after his televised fall from grace, Hwang Woo Suk, South Korea's cloning pioneer, re-emerged Monday as a national hero as the country rallied around him in an outpouring of nationalism and sympathy for the goals of his stem cell research."
Changing ethics rules land Spanish stem cell scientist in hot waterNature MedicineNovember 29th, 2005"The Spanish health ministry is considering legal action against one of the country's top stem cell scientists, saying he conducted research without proper authorization."
Eggs vs Ethics in the Stem Cell Debateby Emily Galpern and Marcy DarnovskyThe Nation onlineNovember 29th, 2005
Editorial: Oocytes for sale?Sacramento BeeNovember 25th, 2005"Although it remains unclear what Hwang knew or didn't know about the origins of the eggs, the episode should serve as a lesson for California's stem cell institute."
S. Korea Stem Cell Pioneer Resigns Posts Over Human Donor FurorBloombergNovember 24th, 2005"Hwang Woo Suk, a South Korean researcher credited with making the first embryonic stem cells genetically matched to living adults, resigned all his official positions after admitting that he'd used eggs from paid donors and women in his research team."
Doctors sidestep laws to import stem cell 'bank'Telegraph (London)November 22nd, 2005"A vast 'bank' of human stem cells is to be brought to Britain, bringing hope of new cures for fatal genetic diseases but fuelling ethical concerns about embryo research."
S. Korean Stem Cell Team Paid Women for Eggsby Rick WeissWashington PostNovember 22nd, 2005"The head of a Seoul fertility clinic associated with an embattled Korean stem cell researcher said yesterday that he paid 16 women for their eggs, according to a South Korean newspaper report."
Donor Issue Slows Stem Cell Progress: S. Korea Crisis May Affect U.S. Debateby Rick WeissWashington PostNovember 20th, 2005"An ethics crisis at one of the world's most successful human embryonic stem cell laboratories has plunged the controversial field of research into a new swirl of uncertainty, with U.S. scientists nervously wondering [of a] political backlash."
Scrambled eggs [California]by Tali WoodwardSan Francisco Bay GuardianNovember 16th, 2005"Could an international stem cell consortium make San Francisco the center of an emerging market in human ova?"
Stem cell initiative cleared for petition gathering [Missouri]Associated PressNovember 15th, 2005Signatures are being gathered in Missouri to place on the next statewide ballot a proposed constitutional amendment that would protect research cloning.
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