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Opinion: Oversight is critical for confidence in stem-cell researchby Kathay Feng, Steven BlackledgeSan Francisco ChronicleJune 30th, 2005Representatives of Common Cause and CalPIRG urge the board of California's stem cell program to adopt the provisions of a proposed reform measure in the Senate.
Have we been oversold the stem cell dream?by Roger HighfieldThe Telegraph (UK)June 29th, 2005"Cell therapy has been touted as the future of medicine but, finds Roger Highfield, doctors are uneasy about the media hype."
Stem cell scientists debate finer points of research ethicsby Alex BarnumSan Francisco ChronicleJune 26th, 2005"[W]ith the passage of California's stem cell initiative... the stem cell debate is shifting focus. It's no longer about whether to do it, but how to do it in an ethically appropriate way."
Opinion: Nearly an internal coup against stem cell czarby Stuart LeavenworthSacramento BeeJune 23rd, 2005"Robert Klein II is arguably the most powerful unelected official in California today. Yet as he tries to consolidate control of the state's $3 billion stem cell research institute, many of his early supporters are rebelling against his autocratic ways."
Editorial: Window dressingSacramento BeeJune 23rd, 2005The Bee editorializes that the proposed "enhancements" to the California stem cell programs conflict of interest provsisions are "a mixed bag" but in the end "won't do the job."
Public, private partners in a brave new worldNorth Jersey Media GroupJune 22nd, 2005Quotes on biotech compiled from a wide range of sources have common themes: "Be patient, Don't promise too much, Government must set social policy, Demand accountability."
Stem-cell institute to adopt tougher conflict rulesby Steve JohnsonSan Jose Mercury NewsJune 22nd, 2005"Officials with California's $3 billion stem-cell research institute have recommended adopting tougher conflict-of-interest rules for board members in an effort to fend off a ballot initiative that would subject them to increased state oversight."
Further steps towards artificial eggs and spermNew ScientistJune 20th, 2005"Human embryonic stem cells have been coaxed in the lab to develop into the early forms of cells which eventually become eggs or sperm"
Secrecy shrouds taxpayer-supported research [New Jersey]North Jersey Media GroupJune 19th, 2005Public and private interests are blurring in New Jersey's publicly funded stem cell research, but there is little transparency.
Vote not likely on stem cell policiesby Kevin YamamuraSacramento BeeJune 16th, 2005The California Senate will request that state's stem cell research program strengthen its rules, instead of passing a constitutional amendement.
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