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South Korean Scientists Create World's First Cloned DogReutersAugust 3rd, 2005"Woo-Suk Hwang and his team of researchers at Seoul National University ... have cemented their place as leaders in the field by creating Snuppy, the first dog cloned from adult cells by somatic nuclear cell transfer."
Onward, Christian LawyersSan Francisco WeeklyJuly 27th, 2005The lawsuits filed against California's stem cell institute by anti-abortion groups may be a blessing in disguise, forcing the institute to tackle basic organizational issues.
Cloning plan poses new ethical dilemmaThe Guardian (UK)July 26th, 2005"Healthy women could be asked to donate their eggs for cloning research in a controversial bid to speed up the development of new treatments for disease."
Stem Selloutsby Jesse ReynoldsTomPaine.comJuly 19th, 2005
State Stem Cell Plan Faces Challenges In Court, Claims of Conflict of Interest Flaws[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]July 17th, 2005A court hearing is scheduled on two challenges to the California's $3 billion stem cell funding plan that question the initiative-created entity's legitimacy and ability to raise funds
Taxpayers unlikely to get quick stem cell windfallby Terri SomersSan Diego Union-TribuneJuly 17th, 2005Although advertisements for California's Proposition 71 asserted that the $3 billion stem cell research would pay for itself partially through returns to the state, that scenario appears increasingly unlikely.
Editorial: Stem cell follies: Crank up the spin machineSacramento BeeJuly 17th, 2005"By letting contracts without bids, institute merely adds to its public relations woes"
Stem cell panel sets some rules; Regulations don't go as far as other state agenciesby Laura MecoySacramento BeeJuly 13th, 2005New rules at the California stem cell research institute concerning conflicts of interest, open meetings, and more "stop short of the requirements imposed by other state agencies, a decision that drew mixed reviews from critics."
Illinois to Pay for Cell ResearchNew York TimesJuly 13th, 2005"Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich signed an executive order on Tuesday making Illinois the fourth state to devote public money to embryonic stem cell research."
Public interest group calls stem cell institute proposals "inadequate"Center for Genetics and Society says working groups must disclose personal financial interestsJuly 11th, 2005
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