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Editorial: The envelope, please - In stem cell land, parochial interests ruleSacramento BeeMay 5th, 2005"Fortunately, this beauty contest [for the CIRM headquarters] offers one redeeming feature: It has revealed how parochial interests will likely dominate the dispersal of $3 billion of public funds over the next decade."
Editorial: Stop fighting curbs on favoritismSan Jose Mercury NewsMay 5th, 2005"The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine should get behind legislation by state Sen. Deborah Ortiz, D-Sacramento, to enact stricter conflict-of-interest rules on the research funded by Proposition 71."
Opinion: Truth behind stem cell 'miracles'by Stuart LeavenworthSacramento BeeMay 1st, 2005Scientists' "cautions flew out the window last year, when supporters of Proposition 71 dangled $3 billion in stem cell research money before scientists and California voters."
Opinion: Reality behind the researchby Daniel ShaywitzWashington PostApril 29th, 2005Daniel Shaywitz, a Harvard endocrinologist and stem cell researcher, cautions against hyping stem cell research.
Editorial: Rx for IntegritySacramento BeeApril 29th, 2005"Weak standards in California are attracting scientists who don't want to deal with new ethics standards in Washington. This wasn't the magnet effect voters envisioned when they approved Proposition 71."
How Much for a Dozen Human Eggs?by Kristen PhilipkoskiWiredApril 28th, 2005"Health, not money, should be the priority of women hoping to sell their eggs to science, the National Academies concluded in a 240-page report published Tuesday. As a result, researchers should be barred from paying women for their eggs."
Stem cell guidelines get mixed reception: Critics say voluntary rules are too laxby Edie LauSacramento BeeApril 27th, 2005A "committee of the National Academies on Tuesday issued voluntary guidelines for human embryonic stem cell studies... The recommendations fell short, however, of some critics' hopes for more vigorous oversight."
Comments on the National Academies Report, Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell ResearchApril 26th, 2005
Editorial: A good venture, but take care on ethics [New Jersey]Philadelphia InquirerApril 24th, 2005"Economic development shouldn't be the sole driver of a decision as ethically complex as devoting public funds to stem-cell research.... New Jersey should flesh out its oversight by looking to the United Kingdom, the world's model on stem-cell research."
Conflict-of-Interest Issues Getting Public, Legislative Attention in Stem Cell Initiative[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]April 22nd, 2005Conflict-of-interest issues for the committee overseeing California’s $3 billion pool for stem cell research are the focus of a watchdog group’s study and pending legislation in the California Senate.
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