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Stem cell_s shell game?Capitol WeeklySeptember 22nd, 2005"The biggest question surrounding stem cell research in California right now isn_t whether it will eventually cure devastating health problems. It_s what happened to the billion dollars."
Hype over experience: The commercial potential of stem cellsThe EconomistSeptember 22nd, 2005Although some analysts estimate a $10 billion annual market in stem cell therapies by 2010, others suggest "a far more modest (and convincing) forecast of $100m."
Stem cell watchdog group begins work [Massachusetts]Fitchburg Sentinel and EnterpriseSeptember 22nd, 2005A new body to regulate human embryonic stem cell research in Massachusetts held its first meeting.
Group urges $200 million for stem-cell research [Florida]Palm Beach PostSeptember 22nd, 2005A proposal to spend $200 million to fund embryonic stem cell research is heading towards the Florida 2006 ballot.
Editorial: Stem cell oversight board is flying blindSacramento BeeSeptember 18th, 2005"Their own rules mean multimillion-dollar decisions are based on two-page memos."
Stem cell research: cutting-edge science or corporate subsidies, courtesy of voters?[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]Capitol WeeklySeptember 15th, 2005Malcolm Maclachlan of the Capitol Weekly reviews the public interest criticism of the CIRM, focusing on the intellectual property issues.
Ex-movie chief keeps big role in health careby Laura MecoySacramento BeeSeptember 12th, 2005Sherry Lansing has become a leader on the state's stem cell oversight board and a member of the committee advising Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on educational reforms.
Despite uncertain funding, agency issues first grantsby Bill AinsworthSan Diego Union TribuneSeptember 10th, 2005California's groundbreaking stem cell agency yesterday announced its first grants to train a new generation of scientists in a potentially promising area of research that has been restricted by the federal government.
Stem Cell Agency Awards $39 Million [California]Los Angeles TimesSeptember 10th, 2005"California's stem cell research agency awarded the first of a planned $3 billion in grants... For now, the institute doesn't have any of its own money to give out."
Stem cell funds awardedby Edie LauSacramento BeeSeptember 10th, 2005The California stem cell research program announced its first grants, despite not having any funds to distribute.
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