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Illinois to Pay for Cell ResearchNew York TimesJuly 13th, 2005"Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich signed an executive order on Tuesday making Illinois the fourth state to devote public money to embryonic stem cell research."
Public interest group calls stem cell institute proposals "inadequate"Center for Genetics and Society says working groups must disclose personal financial interestsJuly 11th, 2005
Editorial: A miracle cure for stem cell conflictsSacramento BeeJuly 10th, 2005"Financial disclosure is already the norm in many academic and scientific arenas; why not here, too?"
Stem cell rule riles criticsSacramento BeeJuly 7th, 2005"Scientists from around the country charged with proposing medical and ethical standards for California's stem cell research program Wednesday criticized one of the few ethical rules already firmly in place."
California Stem-Cell Agency Gets Off to Inauspicious Startby David P. HamiltonThe Wall Street JournalJuly 5th, 2005A review of the challenges to the California stem cell program, "one of the most peculiar and largely unaccountable government research agencies in the country."
Stem cell group ready to disburse funds: Institute, critics near agreement on conflicts, meetingsby Carl T. HallSan Francisco ChronicleJuly 2nd, 2005"Officials leading the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine say they have reached 'essential agreement' with legislative foes to settle disputes about conflicts of interest and open meetings."
Letter from CGS and the Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research to the CIRM's Research Standards Working GroupJuly 1st, 2005
Opinion: Oversight is critical for confidence in stem-cell researchby Kathay Feng, Steven BlackledgeSan Francisco ChronicleJune 30th, 2005Representatives of Common Cause and CalPIRG urge the board of California's stem cell program to adopt the provisions of a proposed reform measure in the Senate.
Have we been oversold the stem cell dream?by Roger HighfieldThe Telegraph (UK)June 29th, 2005"Cell therapy has been touted as the future of medicine but, finds Roger Highfield, doctors are uneasy about the media hype."
Stem cell scientists debate finer points of research ethicsby Alex BarnumSan Francisco ChronicleJune 26th, 2005"[W]ith the passage of California's stem cell initiative... the stem cell debate is shifting focus. It's no longer about whether to do it, but how to do it in an ethically appropriate way."
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