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State laws bypass research banChristian Science MonitorFebruary 1st, 2006"Stem-cell initiatives flowing from legislatures and governors' offices continue to gather steam, including some that permit controversial human cloning to generate embryonic stem cells."
Korea and beyond: Hwang faces criminal charges as the scandal widens to the United StatesGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 27th, 2006
Women's eggs for research: Scandal expandsGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 27th, 2006
Calls for effective oversight and regulationGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 27th, 2006
Opinion: Learning from stem cell stumblesby Jesse ReynoldsSan Diego Union TribuneJanuary 27th, 2006"The stem cell research atmospheres in South Korea and America _ especially California _ are quite similar. There's nothing that happened there that can't happen here. "
Stem cell profit rules urgedSacramento BeeJanuary 24th, 2006"Biotech companies that commercialize taxpayer-funded stem cell research would have to plan to sell the drugs at the "lowest available U.S. commercial price" to low-income Californians, a task force recommended Monday..."
Watchdog suggests stem cell policies for stateSan Diego Union TribuneJanuary 23rd, 2006"A taxpayer watchdog group is expected to release a report today outlining how leaders of the state's $3 billion stem cell initiative could develop policies to make stem-cell-based therapies affordable and accessible to Californians."
Stem cell effort mired in legal bog, global scandalby Carl T. HallSan Francisco ChronicleJanuary 22nd, 2006"Now, the state effort is a magnet for attacks. Research advocates in other states view Prop. 71 not as a model to emulate, but as one to avoid. "
Editorial: Stem cell falloutSacramento BeeJanuary 20th, 2006"The fraud perpetrated by South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-Suk is a setback for regenerative medicine, but it also serves as a rich learning opportunity for California's $3 billion stem cell research institute."
Watchdog Group Gives Stem Cell Institute Low Marks, Urges ICOC Chair's Resignation[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by Joyce E. CutlerThe Bureau of National AffairsJanuary 19th, 2006California’s stem cell institute gets a C- in its first year of operation, the Center for Genetics & Society said in a report issued Jan. 18.
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