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Researcher Faked Evidence of Human Cloning, Koreans ReportNew York TimesJanuary 10th, 2006"Dr. Hwang Woo Suk, the South Korean researcher who claimed to have cloned human cells, fabricated evidence for all of that research, according to a report released today by a Seoul National University panel investigating his work."
Pitt biologist trying to patent human cloning processPittsburgh Tribune-ReviewJanuary 7th, 2006"A University of Pittsburgh researcher embroiled in an international cloning scandal is seeking to patent technology to create embryonic stem cells without crediting his now-estranged colleagues in South Korea, government documents show. "
Ethics panel head to quit in alleged involvement in Hwang's scandalThe Korea HeraldJanuary 5th, 2006"The head of a presidential panel which has been investigating ethical issues related to the research of Hwang Woo-suk offered to resign yesterday over his alleged involvement in the scandal, his aide said. "
Women_s Groups Demand Egg Donation ProbeThe Chosun IlboJanuary 4th, 2006"Korea_s already battered biotech industry faces a fresh challenge from women_s rights activists angry at what they see as a high-handed approach to occyte procurement for cloning and other embryonic research."
_Hwang Forced Researcher to Donate Eggs_The Korea TimesJanuary 3rd, 2006"Korean TV station MBC Tuesday dealt another blow to the country's cloning scientist Hwang Woo-suk, claiming he had forced his junior researcher to contribute eggs by using authorship as a carrot. "
Controls on stem cell work pushedThe Sacramento BeeJanuary 1st, 2006"The South Korean stem cell research scandal could add fuel to state Sen. Deborah Ortiz's efforts to impose stricter controls on California's stem cell research program."
Opinion: Stem cell program to suffer fallout from fraudby Stuart LeavenworthThe Sacramento BeeDecember 29th, 2005"Rightly or wrongly, embryonic stem cell research is seen as the next big rainmaker in the biomedical field. With so much money riding on the outcome, some people are going to lie, cheat and steal."
Editorial: Phony clonerThe Sacramento BeeDecember 29th, 2005"Can California's $3 billion stem cell institute learn something from the misdeeds of South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-Suk?"
Korean Scientist Quits After Charges He Faked Cloning DataNew York TimesDecember 23rd, 2005"A landmark scientific paper on cloning that propelled a South Korean scientist, Hwang Woo Suk, to international stardom was an 'intentional fabrication' orchestrated by Dr. Hwang, a university panel charged today. Dr. Hwang resigned from the university."
Colleague of embattled scientist Hwang asks university to investigate earlier workAssociated PressDecember 21st, 2005"A former colleague of embattled South Korean stem cell researcher Hwang Woo-suk said Wednesday he had asked the scientist's university to widen its investigation into his work and review earlier purported breakthroughs. "
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