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Editorial: Science and DemocracySan Francisco ChronicleNovember 13th, 2005"Now that California taxpayers know that the $3 billion ($6 billion with debt service) that they voted in 2004 to spend on stem-cell research may possibly be an outright grant of money for research rather than an investment, does it make a difference?"
U.S. Scientist Leaves Joint Stem Cell Projectby Rick WeissWashington PostNovember 12th, 2005"A leading University of Pittsburgh researcher on embryonic stem cells said yesterday that he will disengage from a recently launched collaboration with a team of world-renowned South Korean scientists..."
World Stem Cell Foundation: End Run Around Oversight?Genetic CrossroadsNovember 10th, 2005
Member of Hwang Team Involved in Ovum ScandalThe Korea TimesNovember 8th, 2005"A key member of a Korean stem cell team led by professor Hwang Woo-suk at Seoul National University has been involved in the illegal trading of ovum."
Opinion: Stem cell royalty promise just election ruse?by Stuart LeavenworthSacramento BeeNovember 7th, 2005Proposition 71 and CIRM chairman Robert Klein admits that he knew of the tax consequences of returns to the state during the campaign, but declines to say why he did not inform voters, in this column by Stuart Leavenworth.
Committees Hear Debate on IP, Royalties Under State's $3 Billion Stem Cell Initiative[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Joyce E. CutlerThe Bureau of National AffairsNovember 2nd, 2005Requiring royalties or returns to California on the voter-approved $3 billion stem cell research bond act was the topic of a joint hearing of several state legislative committees.
Debate grows over return from stem cell program [California]by Sandy KleffmanContra Costa TimesNovember 1st, 2005"During the campaign for California's $3 billion stem cell initiative, supporters predicted as much as $1 billion would be returned to state coffers through royalties from stem cell therapies. But now, some question whether the state will get a dime."
Testimony: Stem Cell Research and Intellectual PropertyCalifornia Legislature Joint Informational Hearing on Implementation of Proposition 71by Jesse Reynolds, Director of Project on Biotechnology Accountability, Center for Genetics and SocietyOctober 31st, 2005
Tax law casts doubt on stem cell royalties: State may not reap billions promised to voters last fallby Bernadette TanseySan Francisco ChronicleOctober 25th, 2005Not only might the the billion dollars in potential royalties to California turn out to be difficult to obtain, but the Proposition 71 campaign knew of the difficulties in obtaining them during the campaign.
California Stem Cell Research Leader Misled VotersNews reports say that chair of new state agency was aware of the billion-dollar problem during the campaignOctober 25th, 2005
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