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New Cloning Study and Federal Stem Cell Bill Highlight Need for Strong Biotechnology OversightProgressive public interest group calls Castle-DeGette bill "a step in the right direction, but tougher oversight is still needed."May 20th, 2005
Stem-cell board too close to industry, critics worrySan Jose Mercury NewsMay 19th, 2005"California's new stem-cell institute is poised to begin spending $3 billion in public money for research, but watchdogs are worried about whether the board can distribute the money free of industry influence."
Stem cell research conflict bill moves a step closer to ballotKnight RidderMay 19th, 2005An amendment to the initiative that authorized the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine unanimously passed its second Senate committee.
Opinion: Stem Cell Agency on Errant Fast Trackby Michael HiltzikLos Angeles TimesMay 16th, 2005Times' columnist Michael Hiltzik writes that the "California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has behaved not like the state agency it is, but with the arrogance of a private corporation that happens to be playing with the taxpayers' cash."
First test for stem-cell institute -- moneyFunding mechanism must avoid conflict of interestby Jesse ReynoldsSan Francisco ChronicleMay 15th, 2005
France sets up agency for medical bioethicsAgence France-PresseMay 10th, 2005France inaugurated a specialised agency for approving research on embryonic stem cells and vetting organ donations and other bioethics issues.
Stem cell panel goes to work on fundingby Carl T. HallSan Francisco ChronicleMay 10th, 2005"Short-term bonds to fill the gap until lawsuit is resolved" but critics warn that conflicts will arise if the leadership of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine solicit contributions.
Editorial: Stem Cell Research EthicsLos Angeles TimesMay 9th, 2005The LA Times endorses Sen. Ortiz's reforms to California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.
David Magnus and Mildred K. Cho, "Issues in Oocyte Donation for Stem Cell Research," Science (May 19, 2005) [PDF]by David Magnus and Mildred K. ChoScienceMay 9th, 2005
Oversight Board Selects San Francisco As Headquarters of New Stem Cell Institute[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Joyce E. CutlerThe Bureau of National AffairsMay 7th, 2005The board overseeing California’s $3 billion stem cell fund selected San Francisco as the headquarters.
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