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Of Dogs, Clones and Rick Perry[Quotes Biopolitical Times' Pete Shanks]by John FarrellForbesSeptember 30th, 2011There's one dog cloning company in the world - and it's the same company that was involved in generating the stem cells Texas Governor Rick Perry had injected into his spine this past July.
Cats as Experimental Animals for Human Diseasesby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 15th, 2011Genetically modified cats have been created, partly in the hopes of advancing AIDS research.
Yet Another Idea for Using Biotechnology to Rescue Endangered Speciesby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 8th, 2011Scientists have reprogrammed skin cells from two endangered species into stem cells, and hope to use them to generate gametes, which has provoked press speculation.
New GeneWatch Issue: Bioengineering Animalsby Emily StehrBiopolitical TimesJune 8th, 2011The new issue of GeneWatch explores the ethics of designing animals' traits.
Gallup Poll: Cloning Still Unpopularby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJune 1st, 2011The annual Gallup survey of opinion on moral issues shows continuing strong opposition to reproductive cloning.
Forensic DNA databases without prior arrestby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesApril 12th, 2011Potential offenders, never arrested or even individually identified as suspicious, are now being required to provide the authorities in at least two European towns a sample of their (canine) DNA.
Gene of the Week: Christianityby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesApril 1st, 2011Gay scientists are reported to have isolate the 'Christian gene' and to have successfully removed it from experimental rats.
EU talks over cloned meat collapseby Alistair DriverFarmers GuardianMarch 29th, 2011EU talks on the regulation of food from cloned animals have collapsed again, leaving the issue clouded in doubt.
EU institutions clash over animal cloning regulationsby Jennifer RankinEuropeanVoice.comMarch 24th, 2011Only days are left to break the cloning deadlock, while Members of Parliament demand a ban on food from offspring of clones.
What is it about people who want to clone dogs?by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesMarch 9th, 2011Another eccentric character is paying $310,000 to have two dogs cloned in Korea.
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