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Time to Clean Up After Cloning Cattleby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesAugust 17th, 2010The USDA is still committed to promoting livestock cloning, but recent bad publicity makes it clear that the technology remains unpopular, unnecessary, and unethical.
Medicine, not food, may have more to gain from cloning [Quoting CGS's Pete Shanks]by Rick BarrettMilwaukee Journal Sentinel August 14th, 2010The cloning of animals may have come from agriculture, but its real promise may be in the lucrative field of medicine rather than as food.
Cloned beef in food chain spreads alarm in Britainby Raphael G. SatterAssociated PressAugust 4th, 2010News that meat and milk from the offspring of cloned cattle — illegal to sell in without proper authorization — may have made their way into the food chain has set hands wringing in the UK.
European Parliament Seeks Ban on Foods From Cloned Animalsby James KanterNew York TimesJuly 7th, 2010The proposed ban is the latest sign of concern about the safety and ethics of new food technologies.
Zoo plans to bring rare animals back from the dead by Peter AldhousNew ScientistJune 30th, 2010Researchers describe how they have created induced pluripotent stem cells from the frozen cells of an endangered monkey.
"Splice" is an Infertile Hybridby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJune 8th, 2010The movie Splice is neither deep enough to be interesting nor shocking enough to succeed as horror.
60 Minutes on “Resurrecting the Extinct”by Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesJune 2nd, 201060 Minutes re-aired a story about using cloning techniques to resurrect extinct animals like the mammoth and to save endangered species.
Tragedy on the Pharmby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesMay 24th, 2010Cows genetically modified to produce human follicle stimulating hormone died unexpectedly from vastly enlarged ovaries, unleashing a storm of controversy in New Zealand.
Mutant cows die in GM trialMutant cows die in GM trialby Eloise Gibson New Zealand HeraldMay 1st, 2010Cows which had been genetically modified to produce human follicle stimulating hormone to be used in fertility treatments died due to enlarged ovaries.
Horse cloning sparks debate in America's breeding stablesThe TelegraphApril 8th, 2010Horse lovers are increasingly turning to cloning, but the practice has sparked debate among breeders.
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