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EU talks over cloned meat collapseby Alistair DriverFarmers GuardianMarch 29th, 2011EU talks on the regulation of food from cloned animals have collapsed again, leaving the issue clouded in doubt.
EU institutions clash over animal cloning regulationsby Jennifer RankinEuropeanVoice.comMarch 24th, 2011Only days are left to break the cloning deadlock, while Members of Parliament demand a ban on food from offspring of clones.
What is it about people who want to clone dogs?by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesMarch 9th, 2011Another eccentric character is paying $310,000 to have two dogs cloned in Korea.
Animal death toll ends cloning trials [New Zealand]by Kiran ChugThe Dominion PostFebruary 21st, 2011Although cloning trials will no longer be conducted, AgResearch will continue to develop transgenic cattle, sheep and goats.
Pigging out on genetically modified porkby Christina StevensGlobal NewsJanuary 24th, 2011Genetically engineered pork may one day become a part of your local grocer's food list. But who's to decide whether or not this product should be on the shelves?
Dog, Inc.: A Book About Peopleby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJanuary 11th, 2011A new book about dog cloning offers a deadpan description of the people involved.
Researchers produce two-father mice babies, and bait the hype trap by Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesDecember 14th, 2010Scientists fuel sensationalist speculation about reproductive methods for gay families.
UK rejects EC proposal over temporary ban on cloned animalsby Rory HarringtonDairyReporter.comDecember 6th, 2010Any move by the European Commission to introduce a temporary ban on the use of cloned animals for food would not be justified on food safety grounds, the UK Government has said.
Europeans Want Regulation for Biotechby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesNovember 18th, 2010The latest Eurobarometer report on biotechnology shows that Europeans, in general, support medical uses of technology as long as they are carefully regulated.
Clone zone: Bringing extinct animals back from the dead[United Kingdom]by Rebecca MorelleBBC News October 29th, 2010However, the technology is not without its critics.
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