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Reviving Extinct Speciesby Margaret MunroCanWest News ServiceFebruary 2nd, 2009"Just because we might be able to do it one day, should we do it?"
An industry-funded "awareness" campaignby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesJanuary 30th, 2009The American Fertility Association has launched a public awareness campaign. Will it drum up business for its corporate sponsors?
Pet cloning: Best friends reunited by Tom de CastellaTelegraphJanuary 21st, 2009For the super-rich who can’t face losing a beloved dog, there is a genetically engineered solution. But at what ethical cost?
Cloned tigers tipped to be "freak shows"by Loretta JohnstonThe Examiner (Australia)January 15th, 2009Cloned Tasmanian tigers would be "freak shows" in captivity, a Tasmanian wildlife biologist said yesterday.
Drug from genetically engineered goats a firstby Ricardo Alonso-ZaldivarAssociated PressJanuary 7th, 2009An drug made from the milk of genetically engineered goats moved closer to US government approval.
And the Band Played Onby Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesJanuary 3rd, 2009In this time of economic recession, many companies selling luxury goods are having a hard time making the case to consumers that their services are still worthy of premium prices. The pet cloning company BioArts has tried to maintain interest in its service – which can run tens of thousands of dollars per cloned animal – through working the media.
Bizarre Cloners and Serious Questionsby Marcy DarnovskyWhat's New in Life Science ResearchDecember 10th, 2008Obligatory puns notwithstanding, cloning - of humans, animals, and embryos for stem cells - is no laughing matter.
Regenerating a Mammoth for $10 Million by Nicholas WadeNew York TimesNovember 20th, 2008Scientists are talking for the first time about the old idea of resurrecting extinct species as if this staple of science fiction is a realistic possibility
Scientists hope to clone extinct speciesCNNNovember 4th, 2008Scientists have produced clones of mice that have been dead and frozen for 16 years
Cloned animals should not be farmed for food, say consumersby Sean PoulterDaily MailOctober 9th, 2008Cloned animals and their offspring should not be farmed for food according to the overwhelming majority of consumers, an EU study has revealed.
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