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IVF And The Legacy Of Its Inventors[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by John FarrellForbesApril 12th, 201335 years after Robert G. Edwards co-developed in-vitro fertilization, the assisted reproduction industry in the US remains controversial.
Who should own DNA? All of us[Op-Ed]by Marcy Darnovsky and Karuna JaggarLos Angeles TimesApril 12th, 2013You can't patent the sun; why should you be able to patent human genes?
Made-to-Order Embryos for Sale — A Brave New World?by I. Glenn Cohen and Eli Y. AdashiThe New England Journal of MedicineApril 10th, 2013The proliferation of sperm and egg banks has opened the door to a made-to-order embryo industry in which embryos are generated with a commercial transaction in mind.
Baby Boom: Indian Women Giving Birth to U.S. Babiesby Holly WilliamsCBS NewsApril 10th, 2013A lot of businesses go to India for inexpensive labor and it turns out American couples are doing the same. One village has become a center for cut-rate surrogacy, offering young women who will be carrying babies to term.
Surrogacy flourishes despite crackdownby Zhang WenGlobal TimesApril 7th, 2013Beijing officials shut down an illegal - and lucrative - surrogacy agency in Beijing last month, but the practice continues.
Three-Parent Children in UK Possible After HFEA Report[Quotes the Center for Genetics and Society]by Michael CookBioEdgeApril 6th, 2013The UK fertility regulator's report to the government misrepresented its own findings about public opinion.
Should researchers pay for women's eggs?[Op-Ed]by Ruha BenjaminSan Francisco ChronicleApril 4th, 2013Could compensation induce women of modest means to undergo the risks of egg extraction?
Powder women's eggs for home storage by Andy CoghlanNew ScientistApril 4th, 2013In future, women may be able to store their eggs at home as a powder. To revive them for an attempt at a baby, all they would need to do is empty the sachet, add water, fertilise with sperm and implant the embryo.
Not every woman should get the BRCA gene test, U.S. task force saysby Eryn BrownLos Angeles TimesApril 1st, 2013Unless she has a family history that makes it likely she has the harmful mutations, a woman will be unlikely to benefit from testing BRCA-related.
Shifts in the Global Body Market: Access or Exploitation?by Jessica CussinsBiopolitical TimesApril 1st, 2013PlanetHospital claims that new surrogacy regulations in India have ruined a “golden opportunity” and paints Mexico and Thailand as the surrogacy frontiers – where it happens to have business arrangements.
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