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Inside the Stem Cell Shell Gameby Gina Maranto, Biopolitical Times guest contributorJune 18th, 2013Sociologist Ruha Benjamin examines the California stem cell initiative from a social justice perspective.
Testimony by Diane Tober, PhD to the California Senate Health Committee re AB 926June 12, 2013by Diane Tober
Single Embryo Transfer Recommended in Most IVF Proceduresby Rachel WaldenOur Bodies Our BlogJune 13th, 2013In a joint practice committee statement, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conclude that single embryo transfer is an increasingly better choice.
Compensation for Human Eggs Approved by Key California Senate Committee, But Not For CIRM Researchersby David JensenCalifornia Stem Cell ReportJune 13th, 2013Legislation that would permit women in California to be paid for their eggs for scientific research yesterday cleared a key state Senate committee and is likely headed for the governor's desk.
Update: California Bill Would Overturn Protections for Women Providing Eggs for Research by Diane ToberBiopolitical TimesJune 13th, 2013If the bill is approved by the full Senate and signed into law by the governor, California researchers would be permitted for the first time to pay women for their eggs.
What Happened When I Had My Genome Sequencedby Carole CadwalladrThe Guardian June 8th, 2013"I was sanguine about having my genome sequenced but maybe that's my faulty risk calculation."
Infertility Due to Old Eggs? An Anti-Aging Pioneer Ponders Solutionsby Melissa HealyLos Angeles TimesJune 5th, 2013Scientists draw on advances across many fields to propose a way to rejuvenate aging human eggs using a woman's own ovarian stem cells.
Mexican Americans Sterilized Disproportionately in California Institutions, Study Saysby Roque PlanasThe Huffington PostJune 5th, 2013A new study shows definitively that Mexican Americans were disproportionately sterilized in California during the first half of the 20th century.
Motherhood Deferred: Freezing Your Eggs[With CGS's Diane Tober]by Judy CampbellKQED ForumMay 31st, 2013What are the benefits and risks of freezing eggs? A discussion with CGS's Associate Executive Director, a journalist, and a reproductive endocrinologist.
The Facts: A Bill to Permit Researchers to Pay for Eggs is Bad for Women, Bad for Californiaby Alliance for Humane Biotechnology, Center for Genetics and Society, Our Bodies Ourselves, and Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible ResearchMay 30th, 2013Given that many young women providing eggs for reproductive purposes have experienced serious complications, it would seem prudent to collect adequate safety data before expanding the market to include eggs for research.
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