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Egg Donors Create Support Group for Women and Push for More Safety Databy Raquel CoolOur Bodies Our BlogJuly 30th, 2013A former egg donor, and co-founder of the group We Are Egg Donors, explains why she no longer has it in her to participate in an industry that has resisted researching donor health for decades.
Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Blessing? Curse? Both?[Quotes CGS's Diane Tober]by Eleanor J BaderTruthoutJuly 28th, 2013ART has helped millions of women have children. At the same time, moral concerns and medical questions abound.
In India, a Rise in Surrogate Births for Westby Rama LakshmiThe Washington PostJuly 26th, 2013A government-funded study finds that some unscrupulous agents are luring poor, uneducated women into signing surrogacy contracts that they do not fully understand.
Is Eugenics Ever Okay?by Nathaniel ComfortGenotopiaJuly 26th, 2013Recognizing that we are grasping the reins of human evolution as fast as we can raises two sets of concerns. First, “What if it doesn’t work?” Second, "What if it does?"
The Moral Price of Human Eggsby S. Lochlann JainSan Francisco ChronicleJuly 25th, 2013It is simply criminal that the stubborn resistance to collecting data on the long-term health consequences of egg extraction continues to enable the claim that "no danger has been proven."
California Stem Cell Agency Delays Decision on Expanding the Market in Women’s Eggsby Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesJuly 25th, 2013The push by the stem cell agency’s leadership is one of two efforts to gut protections for women in California who provide eggs for research.
Stem Cell Lines and Paid-for Eggs: Stem Cell Agency Delays Action on Easing Restrictionsby David JensenCalifornia Stem Cell ReportJuly 24th, 2013A key panel of the California stem cell agency today balked at approving a plan to ease restrictions on purchasing stem cell lines derived from women who were paid for their eggs.
Sterilization Abuse in State Prisons: Time to Break With California's Long Eugenic Patternsby Alex Stern and Tony PlattThe Huffington PostJuly 23rd, 2013The recent revelation that 148 female prisoners in two California institutions were sterilized between 2006 and 2010 is another example of the state's long history of reproductive injustice and the ongoing legacy of eugenics.
Jacksonville Lawsuit Exposes the Hazards of the Unregulated International Egg Donor Tradeby Anne SchindlerFirst Coast NewsJuly 23rd, 2013A young Florida woman experienced Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, suffered a stroke, and is still healing more than two years after the egg retrieval procedure.
Payouts to NC Eugenics Victims Could be Modestby Michael BieseckerAssociated PressJuly 22nd, 2013State lawmakers have agreed to compensate victims of a eugenics program that for decades forced people who social workers said were developmentally disabled to undergo sterilization.
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