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Made-to-Order Embryos: You Want to Sell What?!by Jessica CussinsBiopolitical TimesMay 2nd, 2013The fact that a fertility clinic can own and sell made-to-order embryos for profit raises novel concerns that should not be collapsed into predefined frameworks used to assess other assisted reproductive technologies.
California Lawmakers Consider Paying Women to Provide Eggs for Researchby Diane ToberBiopolitical TimesMay 2nd, 2013A new bill claims to be motivated by concerns for women’s equity and for advancing responsible medical research, but in fact undermines both.
Cracked Open: New Book Looks at Fertility and Reproductive Technologyby RachelOur Bodies Our BlogApril 30th, 2013Just out: A new book by award-winning writer and international public health and reproductive rights advocate Miriam Zoll, Cracked Open: Liberty, Fertility and the Pursuit of High Tech Babies.
Patenting Parthenotes: High Court Asks if Parthenotes are 'Human Embryos' Under the Biotech Directiveby Antony Blackburn-StarzaBioNewsApril 29th, 2013The UK's High Court has asked the Court of Justice of the European Union to clarify if human parthenotes fall under the definition of a human embryo for the purposes of patentability.
“World's First GM Babies Born”: 12-Year-Old Article Continues to Cause Confusionby Jessica CussinsBiopolitical TimesApril 25th, 2013An undated Daily Mail article that is actually over a decade old continues to spread misinformation about human genetic modification.
Prenatal DNA Sequencingby Antonio RegaladoMIT Technology ReviewApril 23rd, 2013Reading the DNA of fetuses is the next frontier of the genome revolution. Do you really want to know the genetic destiny of your unborn child?
The Baby Blueprint [VIDEO][With CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]Al Jazeera EnglishApril 22nd, 2013Would you choose your child's genetic potential? Live debate with Marcy Darnovsky, Stuart Newman, Julian Savulescu, and Nita Farahany.
Nuffield Report: Parents Should Decide Whether or Not to 'Tell'by Wybo DondorpBioNewsApril 22nd, 2013A new report from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics says it's usually, but not always, better for parents to tell a child that he or she was donor conceived.
That “Pernicious” Notion of the “Best Interests of the Child”by Michael CookBioEdgeApril 20th, 2013A Harvard Law School bioethicist argues that “the best interests of the child” is not a concept which is applicable to assisted reproductive technology.
Surrogacy: Joyful, Frightening, Always Riskyby Suzanne RicoThe AtlanticApril 17th, 2013The story of two families who had babies via surrogate, with very different experiences.
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