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First Baby Born After Full Genetic Screening of Embryos by Linda GeddesNew ScientistJuly 8th, 2013"There is the potential for getting an unprecedented amount of information about an embryo before it's transferred to the womb. We need to be very careful that this isn't used for trivial, non-medical reasons."
Legislature Can Still Do Eugenics CompensationCharlotte ObserverJuly 8th, 2013The North Carolina legislature can still include money in this year’s budget to compensate victims of the state’s disgraceful and long-running eugenics program.
Eggs and Cash: Stem Cell Agency Considering Easing Restrictions on Stem Cell Lines Derived Using Paymentsby David JensenCalifornia Stem Cell ReportJuly 7th, 2013The California stem cell agency is moving to remove a ban on using stem cell lines derived from eggs from women who have been paid to provide them.
Female Inmates Sterilized in California Prisons Without Approvalby Corey G. JohnsonCenter for Investigative ReportingJuly 7th, 2013The Center for Investigative Reporting has found that California doctors sterilized nearly 150 female inmates from 2006 to 2010 without required state approvals.
Reported IVF Success Rates can be Misleading: Studyby Genevra PittmanReutersJuly 4th, 2013US fertility centers are mandated to report the number of cycles they perform, but a new study suggests those data may give some practices misleadingly high success rates.
The Rise of a New Eugenicsby Lloyd Lewis and Julie ReiskinDenver PostJuly 4th, 2013Non-invasive prenatal testing technology is dangerously ahead of society's understanding of people who have Down syndrome.
Egg Donation is Made to Look Easy, but Questions and Health Risks Remainby Ryann SummersOur Bodies Our BlogJuly 3rd, 2013When she was casually solicited for her eggs by a friend, the author realized she needed to know more about the procedure and its implications.
Push for Social Egg Freezing: By whom? For whom?by Gina Maranto, Biopolitical Times guest contributorJuly 3rd, 2013The latest campaign in the IVF world - social egg freezing - has been sold as an equalizing reproductive option for women, but whose agenda is it really serving?
Expansion Of The Genetic Surveillance State: Taking The Blood Of Babies Born To Mississippi Teensby Kashmir HillForbesJuly 2nd, 2013A new law requires Mississippi hospitals to store the blood of babies born to mothers 16 and younger - "a very invasive law to a woman who is already in a vulnerable situation."
California Legislation, Human Egg Sales and Profitsby David JensenCalifornia Stem Cell ReportJuly 1st, 2013Missing from the debate on California legislation to allow women to be paid for their eggs for scientific research is a key reason behind the bill – building profits for what some call the “baby business.”
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